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Doom Complex-Doom (2018/PC) Repack + Mod от Evilskif

Doom Complex-Doom

Doom Complex-Doom

Game Information:
Name: DOOM Complex Doom
Release Date: 1995/2018
Genre: Action, Shooter
Publisher: Id software
Edition type: Evilskif
Voice Language: English
Interface Language: English
Medicine: Not required

Game System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP +
Processor: Pentium 4
RAM: 256 MB
Video adapter: 128 MB
Hard disk space: 2 GB

Game Description:
“Complex-Doom” is one of the most large-scale mods to the first two parts of Doom. The main feature of this modification is the random spawning of enemies. For each of the original monsters, several new variations have been added, and with a new level start, the set of monsters will be generated anew. For example, a zombie with a shotgun can hold a shotgun in his hands next time. Also, the mod introduces new weapons into the game, replacing the old one. And, finally, an inventory system with consumable items that will fall out of affected enemies is implemented.  Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC


Repack Features:

Repack Features Doom:

LSD – (LCA (Legendary Complex Add-on), RandomMonsters, HEM and some others), Dusted’s addon, are add-ons for the “Complex Doom” mod, bringing into play new variations of monsters, new weapons, and, most importantly, legendary versions of all monsters, legendary weapons and legendary items (armor, health sphere, ultrasphere, sphere of ammunition, etc.).

Image and sound:
The time of disappearance of decals increased to 20 minutes. (Optionally, you can return the default time – 5 seconds, the file is “decals-origin (5sec) .pk3”).

Monster corpses no longer disappear.
The music of the legendary monsters was changed or replaced with a better quality file (also epic, but other songs with a higher bitrate, optionally you can return the original tracks – the file “lsd-music-v2 (Origin) .pk3”), musical melodies are also added to some new monsters.
Standard (midi) music on the cards is replaced with a better one (relevant only for standard Doom1; Doom2, to disable it, delete the file “doommus.wad” in the label in the “Object” field)
Hd texture – zdoom-dhtp-20171001.
Light maps for Hd textures, if you use standard textures, you can optionally put the original file – “Brightmaps (low texture) .pk3”
Added flashlight – setting through the main menu “Options => Flashlight options” (only for Zandronum, there are no separate settings in GZdoom)

Improved inventory – to call it, see the item in “options => customize control => Simplex doom Hotkeys => toggle inventory” (only for Zandronum, you can call the window in Gzdoom, but you cannot select objects and weapons through it) (Dusted’s addon weapon unfortunately in this menu will not be visible.)
Added support for Gzdoom.
Added HpBar settings “Mod Stuff => HpBar options”
Additional files in the “Optional” folder, in order to activate them, you need to copy the files to the root folder with the game, where the “exe” is located, and enter them in the launch label – in the “Object” field at the end of the line.



In addition to the gun at the start of the player gets a shotgun (“Combat shotgun”)
Added two new difficulties. “Hardcore” – the chance of spawning monsters is the same for all types. “Sensless Hardcore” – the chance of monster spawn is the same for all types, all enemies are fast, damage from monster attacks is increased by 50%.
By default, at the beginning of the level does not appear a backpack with supplies, you can turn on the menu – “Mod Stuff”.
By default, the player is dealt damage to his weapon. You can disable the menu – “Mod Stuff”.


The “Ammopack” (black backpack falls from almost all zombies) now only recovers standard ammunition (bullets, shot, missiles, plasma, grenade, mine). Legendary ammunition to the corresponding trunks can be obtained from the legendary monsters and a little from the usual backpacks (backpack). Drop “Backpack” from monsters significantly reduced. (Complete the entire game exclusively with the Leg of the barrel will no longer work).
Item – “LegendaryAmmoSphere” no longer restores ammunition to the maximum, only temporarily switches on endless shooting without the use of ammunition.


The drop of weapons from monsters is reduced about 3 times, except for Cyber ​​and Mastermind. You can turn on 100% drop in the menu – “Mod Stuff” (because rare types of enemies began to appear more often, with the standard drop of guns, you can get imbald barrels too quickly).
By default, items (runes) that gave permanent effects are disabled (except for “Drain rune”) can be enabled in the menu – “Mod Stuff”.
Most of the special bonuses that give temporary effects are no longer stacked. (Only 1 pcs can be in inventory, but there are a few exceptions).
All the legendary monsters (who had such a chip) removed invulnerability in some attacks, but added + 50% to HP, except for various Cyberdemonians, their HP remained virtually unchanged (for example, it was extremely difficult to cause any harm to the Legendary Cardinal , all damage was blocked by an impenetrable shield).
Not all monsters from the HEM addon have been added to the Spawn list. Many of them, especially bosses, are designed for a cooperative mode.


Some particularly powerful enemies are weakened (Overlord; Abyssalsatyr; FreezedCyberDemon, etc.). Most of the enemies who had such a piece, removed the impenetrable shields and restore health.
“Legendary Cardinal” no longer calls for helpers (both in regular and in True form).
TrueLegendarySentient moves now not so chaotically and the portal of the call of legs is no more.
Weak enemies appear less frequently, stronger ones more often (in comparison with the original, weaker opponents, on the average, are more powerful ones, the “Hardcore” difficulty equalizes the chances).


Timer added for each time bonus. Some spheres can activate several effects, respectively, several icons will appear.
The chance to drop from monsters “Demonic energy” is reduced by 2 times, but there are more enemies from whom you can fall.
Monsters of the same type, except for rare exceptions, no longer attack each other.
Various essences from monsters (give a small increase in armor and health) no longer disappear after a while.
Added turrets to loot some monsters.
Part of the weapon was removed from the loot (Enforcer; Autogun; Plasma rifle, etc.); the mechanics are almost the same, just cluttering up inventory. There are more than enough guns.
23Weapons: The damage of frag grenades, ice grenades and ice mines is reduced by 50%. Grenades and mines in slot “0” instead of “1”.
51Weapons: “PyroCannon” No longer causes damage to legendary monsters (killing everyone with 1 shot, except Cyber), there is no more homing.


Weapon: “Legendary Railgun” Damage reduced to 1500 on average (before that, knocked out about 5,000 damage per shot – the standard Cyberdemon died immediately).
22Weapons: “Legendary Light Machine Gun” Damage reduced by 50%.
8Weapons: “St Railgun” Damage increased by 50% (Rail with 4 charges).
1Weapons: “Demon Tech Rifle” Damage Reduced by 25%.


2Weapons: “Fantasy Staff” The damage of the primary attack is increased by 50%, the damage of the additional attack is increased by 2 times.
3Weapons: “OccultSpellbook” Alternative attacks use 30% less energy.
4Weapon: “Demon Tech Shotgun” For any attack uses 2 times more energy.
5Weapons: “Blackhole Generator” Uses 300 units per shot instead of 150.
6Weapons: “Demon Tech Railgun” Uses 15 units of charge instead of 10.

Barrels: Legendary barrels no longer spawn. Damage and damage radius normal barrels increased by approximately 2 times. In addition to the usual “Oilbarrel” may appear – after the explosion ignites the space around it.
Added several new monsters: (DemolisherMKII; HellsMinister; NightmareCacodemon; ToxicRevenant; CerebralBehemoth; CorruptedGeneral; FlyingCerebralImp). These monsters from the addon “Clusterfuck”.
Ice attacks no longer freeze monster corpses.

PS This is my personal assembly, the balance of the originals is different, mods authors do not need to spam questions on the gameplay if you play on it.

Game Instalation:

Game Installation Doom:

Description of installation and launch:
Run the installation file.
Follow the instructions of the installer.
We play …

Game Repack:

Game Repack Doom:

51Addon LSD updated to version 1.2.1
Some HD textures have been modified.
Fixed bugs in repack.


Gzdoom support.
Ability to choose when installing “Gzdoom” or “Zandronum” version.
Improved inventory.
Some bugs fixed.
Fixed a bug due to which HpBar did not display the names of enemies from the add-on “Dust” in the Gzdoom version.
Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to select grenades in the absence of a mine in the inventory.
Many timers when activated bonus merged with the background, made the color numbers more contrast.


Dusted`s addon updated to version 1.7.
33Added HpBar setting in the menu.
22Addon LSD updated to version 1.2.7.
1Addon LSD updated to version 1.3.4.
44Addon LSD updated to version 1.3.5.
55Addon LSD updated to version 1.4.9.
Fixed bugs.
Fixed bugs. In the “Mod Stuff” menu, the setting for the maximum number of decals on the map has been added. Grenades and mines can be thrown into the portals.

Game Information:

Game Screenshots Doom:

Doom - Complex-Doom (2018/PC/Английский), Repack + Mod от EvilskifDoom - Complex-Doom (2018/PC/Английский), Repack + Mod от EvilskifDoom - Complex-Doom (2018/PC/Английский), Repack + Mod от EvilskifDoom - Complex-Doom (2018/PC/Английский), Repack + Mod от Evilskif