Crossout PC Games (2023)

Game Information:
Title : Crossout
Game Release Year : 2017
Genre : Action , Racing , Online
Developer : Targem Games
Publisher : Gaijin Entertainment
Interface language : Russian
Voice language : Russian
Tablet : Not required

Game Description:
Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment, who presented a joint work called War Thunder in the genre of war games, are once again delighting fans. Their new joint project Crossout is an MMO and is offered to players for free. The camera moves in 3D mode, from a third person perspective. Events will unfold in post-apocalyptic times. The gamer will be provided with a large number of different parts from which it is necessary to make a combat vehicle. Next, gamers must take care of the availability of armor on the vehicle, provide various systems, an engine, and weapons. As a result, everyone will receive their own unique armored vehicle, and if desired, players can make the vehicle invisible by installing a generator. There are no limits to your imagination, the main thing is to find suitable parts. Those who like the War Thunder game project.