Zumas Revenge

Zumas Revenge (2009) PC

Zumas Revenge

Zumas Revenge

Game Information:
Title: Zuma’s Revenge
Release Date: 2003
Publication Type: License
Genre: Logic, arcade
Developer: PopCap Games
Year: 2009
Platform: PC
Interface language: Russian only
Tablet: Not required

Game System Requirements:
– 800 MHz processor
– 256 MB of RAM
– 200 MB of free disk space
– All windows OC
– Graphic Optmizited

Game Description:
Zumas Revenge Meet the Russian-language sequel to the popular casual arcade Zumas Revenge. Despite the fact that the essence remained the same, the gameplay and graphics of the new game have undergone changes and now resemble Luxor 3: the toad has been “peeled off” from the center of the map, the routes along which the balls move have become more diverse, and the bright special effects on the whole screen are theirs thousands! In the Zumas Revenge you are waiting for the jungle, underwater grotto, active volcanoes that serve as a backdrop for more than sixty new levels in the “Polynesian” style, several modes, new bonuses and battles with “bosses” in the final of each stage, stunning graphics detailing and chic sound! Download Battlefield 4 Free Full Pack

Features and Repack:

Features and Repack Zumas Revenge:

New Features :
• 60 levels and six battles with the Boss in each mini-game Zumas Revenge
• Four ways to play: Adventure, Challenge, Iron Frog and Heroic Frog
• Power-ups of explosive, including three new shots  Zumas Revenge

• New gameplay like lily keyboard jumping, aiming slide, and more
• Shooting in 70 new locations – in the Jungle of Mystery, Calm Village, Lost City and on the Mosquito Shore
• Frog Iron Glove – Breaks 10 levels in a row Zumas Revenge
• Amazing graphics and effects in the modern world of games
• Full Repacked and More Games,
• New Game Levels and Six Battles New Boobms and New System Updated
• Level Time and Bonus times update, game added new gems and new bonus systems
• Graphic updates and system repacked rearchived
• Full new maps and new upgrades and new system file
• Icons and graphic icons upload games,
• Zuma Deluxe System Recovered

Game Screenshots:

Game Screenshots Zumas Revenge:

Zuma's Revange