WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 (2015) PC | Repack By Xatab

WWE 2K15 In the new season of the famous series of wrestling simulators, the result of close collaboration between Visual Concepts and Yuke’s Studio was interesting innovations and improvements in the gameplay

WWE 2K15

Game Information:
Title: WWE 2K15
Release Date – April 29, 2015
Genre: Arcade (Fighting) / Sport
Developer: Yuke’s and Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian
Voice Language: English
Tablet: Sewn (RELOADED | ALI213)

Game System Requirements:
Operating system: win vista / 7 / 8- x64bit !!
Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
Hard disk space: 15 GB
Sound device: DirectX 11.0 compatible
Video card: with 1 GB of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 / AMD Radeon ™ HD 6870 video memory

Game Description:
WWE 2K15 In the new season of the famous series of wrestling simulators, the result of close collaboration between Visual Concepts and Yuke’s Studio was interesting innovations and improvements in the gameplay, sound design and visual component of the game, thanks to which WWE 2K15 can rightly be called the most reliable, dynamic and spectacular release of the series for today. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Torrent

Game Information:

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Back in 2000, the small but proud company THQ launched WWF SmackDown! . The game received many positive reviews and several successful sequels. Thanks to this series (and with the help of the Wrestling Titans with Nikolai Fomenko in our country, many have discovered wrestling – the triumph of athleticism and artistry. Forza Horizon 4 Torrent Download

Despite the fact that a couple of years ago the WWE license was transferred to 2K Games , the Japanese studio Yuke’s is still responsible for the development. Therefore, the gameplay is similar to the previous games in the series. The gameplay, as before, is overloaded with various nuances. At the beginning of each battle, by clicking on the capture button, the soldiers enter the clinch. A special indicator appears.

To find the opponent’s weak spot, you need to twist the right analogue to the red mark. Those who fill their clinch indicator faster will go on the offensive and take a more advantageous position. We continue to put pressure on a weak spot. The winner in the first QTE can also attack.

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After a couple of tedious “hugs”, the main grips become available. Now you can carry out spectacular throws and creases. In addition to the scale of health and endurance, there is also an indicator of damage to parts of the body. If you beat on the left foot for a long time, then the opponent will begin to limp. At this moment, you can hold a painful reception on this leg, the enemy will surrender, and we will win.

In addition to captures, the game also has other traditional elements of wrestling, such as jumping from the corners of the ring, two-leg kicks and so on. However, there is no block in the game, you can only intercept tricks, for this you need to press R2 / RT on time. You can capture punches and kicks right in front of the contact, responding to the attack, and some types of captures – at the first frames of the animation. But it’s almost impossible to react to this, you just have to guess, and this is annoying, especially when the character has little life, and every missed attack can lead to defeat.

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Continuous animations of throws and creases add to the entertainment of fights. They can not be interrupted and accelerated, and after a couple of fights it starts to annoy. As a result, the entire gameplay comes down to pressing a button once every couple of seconds and long cinematic animations. The gameplay is clearly lacking in variety and dynamics. In most cases, the battle takes place according to one scenario. We save up “energy” for a special reception (Signature move), and then for the final one (Finisher move).

To win, you need to keep the enemy on the shoulder blades for three seconds. The opponent needs to hold the capture button to break out and hold it until the strip on the indicator that appears reaches a special mark. At this moment, you need to release the button, and the held character will break out. The stronger the wrestler is beaten, the more difficult it is to get to this mark.Heavy Rain

With the advent of Next Gen , many relied on realism at the NBA 2K15 level . However, the graphics in WWE 2K15 did not even come close to their basketball counterpart. Of course, the clothes, hairstyle and style of the character are recognized immediately, but the faces are as if cut from potatoes. Twitchy animation of movements spoils the already not the best picture. The feeling that it has not been changed since the days of the PlayStation 2

Game Information:

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How to install WWE 2K15?

1; Download Game WPCGames
2; Start Installation and wait few min
3; Enter Game! Good Luck!

Game Features:

  • Feel the adrenaline rush and feel the drama of WWE fights thanks to a new capture system and improved battle dynamics.
  • Superstars and legendary WWE fighters that look more realistic on the screen than ever, an original soundtrack and a completely new sound system – enjoy incredibly spectacular and exciting shows!
  • For the first time you can make a WWE reseller career from scratch! Create an athlete in a special editor and go all the way with him – from the dark horse who made his debut in the NXT sports and entertainment program to the superstar of the RAW show. Discover the life of a real wrestler!
  • John Cena (John Cena) against CM Punk (CM Punk), Triple H (Triple H) against Shawn Michaels (Shawn Michaels) – become a competitor between these fighters in a single-player campaign. Perform in the ring and watch WWE documentary videos! Spend 33 legendary matches, achieve your goals and get rewarded with access to new WWE fighters, champion titles and additional costumes that can be used in other WWE 2K15 game modes.
  • Create your own superstars, sets of receptions, and more.

Features Repack:
Based on the release of RELOADED;
Nothing is cut / recoded;
Game Version: 1.0;
Installed DLC Pack Addon;
The crack from ZoG Forum Team is installed (translation version: 0.5 from 10/22/16);
Installation time ~ 35 minutes (depends on the computer);
Repack by xatab

Game Version: Replacement for a tablet from RELOADED, added Russian. Updated 10.24.2016

Game Screenshots:

WWE 2K15 (2015) PC | Repack от xatabWWE 2K15 (2015) PC | Repack от xatab