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Wolfenstein The Old Blood was a great shooter. The crooked mechanics of shooting were more than redeemed by the old-fashioned defiant, sensible staging, crowds of worthy enemies

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Game Information:
Title: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Genre: Action (Shooter), Add-on (Standalone), 3D, 1st Person
Developer: MachineGames
Publisher: Bethesda Game Studios
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Interface language: Russian, English
Voice Language: Russian, English
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free from GOG)

Game System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (only 64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-2500 @ 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @ 3.5 GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon ™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
Free hard drive space: 38 GB

Game Description:
Wolfenstein The Old Blood was a great shooter. The crooked mechanics of shooting were more than redeemed by the old-fashioned defiant, sensible staging, crowds of worthy enemies, the ability to take a machine gun in each hand and an intoxicating sense of excitement. If we hadn’t even been in the game of the moon conquered by the Nazis, the Beatles songs in German and BJ Blaskowitz, who melancholy sings with a guitar and performs philosophical monologues, we would still love her. And the addition of The Old Blood proves this convincingly.

Game Information:

The events of the game take place in 1946 in an alternative world, where fascist Germany prevails in World War II. The desperate allies are unable to oppose the Nazis and the only chance of victory is the successful execution of a secret operation in which the main character of the game will have to participate.

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He is given several tasks that simply have to “fix” the situation at the front and give the Allies the opportunity to change the course of the war. The game is divided into two parts, in the first of which the player will have to get into Wolfenstein Castle and find out the location of the secret base of the Skull. The second part is that the character needs to stop the crazy archaeologist who is looking for strange artifacts on the territory of Wolfulf. As you progress through the game, the character will visit gloomy catacombs and countryside, crawl along cable cars and walls, kill a huge number of enemies and, in the end, achieve his goal and thereby change the course of further war, and hence history. Train Station Renovation Torrent Games

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is notable for its cruelty, which from the point of view of players is one of the fundamental features of the game. The character cuts the throats of enemies, uses a variety of weapons, shooting, burning or detonating the enemy, spraying their debris throughout the area of ​​effect. In addition, game story clips also do not differ in chastity. Mats, blood, cruelty and violence are all we love so much at Wolfenstein.

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The new part of the legendary game, the main character receives new weapons and new enemies, the destruction of which is becoming more and more interesting. Special abilities used both during the most difficult shootings and for hidden killings greatly diversify the gameplay and will not let you get bored. Best Top 20 Games 2020 Year

Gameplay The Old Blood of gameplay The New Order had gone far. All that is required of you is to send fascists to the next world non-stop. “Do not kill anyone unnecessarily,” the comrade says on the radio to the hero. “I’m sorry, what? To kill as many Nazis as possible? ” – asks Blaskowitz.

We also destroy them in the old fashioned way – grabbed a machine gun, shotgun or rifle, and into battle. Better all at once. It is possible in both hands. The weapon still feels unimportant, and there is no need to talk about reliable ballistics (the scatter and recoil are almost absent), but in the heat of battle there is simply no time to pay attention to it.

Stealth also has not gone anywhere and has not changed. Opponents did not get rid of myopia, corpses on the streets do not care about them, and the Nazis are not able to recognize the former comrades in the dead. However, quite often secretive tactics become a necessity: especially at levels with fearful officers who, having barely seen BJ, they sound the alarm and call endless crowds of enemies.

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Nevertheless, despite the unchanged mechanics, sneaking on tiptoe (like firing open) has become an order of magnitude more interesting thanks to a different approach to level design. If in The New Order we fought with the Germans mainly in narrow corridors and small rooms, occasionally crawling into large locations, here almost all battles are fought in large and often multi-level rooms. On such open spaces and on the blind-eyed Nazi, you can suddenly stumble. Best Tank Games Play Free

Large open levels add to the game not only interest, but also complexity. It is completely impossible to guess where the bullet will fly from at such locations. The whole first half of The New Order, we happily farted through, and the whole second carefully peeking out from behind the boxes. Here, from the very beginning, it is necessary to combine both approaches: maneuver, constantly move around the level and use any available shelters. There are still a lot of opponents, and they kill treacherously quickly.

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The German army did not lose in variety and consists not only of ordinary warriors, but also of soldiers and fighting dogs shielded in armor or power armor. They even got a little smarter – they do not crowd so often in the aisles, almost do not run out under the bullets, support each other and even try to take Blaskovitsa in ticks.

Closer to the middle of the game, there will also be Nazi zombies blazing with hellfire. It is in the spirit of the old parts. It looks, of course, crazy, but it is played cheerfully. They need to shoot exclusively in the head – the dead fascist and the whole clip in the corps at all. After death, “healthy” Nazis also turn into zombies, if they do not shoot their head off. But the carrion do not make out their own and others and happily bite into their former comrades. So in some cases, zombies are more likely to be friends than enemies.

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But if in terms of gameplay madness the addition even stepped forward, then the local story is significantly inferior to the plot of the original. The Old Blood is a prequel whose events end exactly where The New Order begins . The BJ again searches for the coordinates of the base of General Skull, and simultaneously fights with a German archaeologist who intended to awaken some ancient forces. The story is quite in the spirit of the series, but this is perhaps the only thing that it really pleases with.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood And the trouble is not so much in hackneyedness as in the lack of memorable heroes. The New Blood does not have its own Max Hass and Jay – all the characters appear in the frame for a couple of minutes and almost never manifest themselves anymore.

Feature and Install:

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How to download Wolfenstein The Old Blood?

1. Download Game From WPCGames
2. Start Installatio and Wait Few Min
3. Enter Game! Good Luck

Game Features:
– You have to conduct exciting battles in the first person using the latest Nazi weapons, such as the Bombenshuss rifle, a 1946 shotgun and a military grenade launcher. There are also extra perks for intense shootouts and stealthy, secretive killings.

– You will walk along the beautiful rural outback, valleys with bridges and cable cars, catacombs with ghosts and, of course, visit the famous Wolfenstein castle again. This time it will be more convenient for you to climb the walls, because now you can hold the pipe in each hand.

– You will face new enemies and villains, including legions of terrible super-soldiers, elite attack aircraft, drones and terrifying creatures of dark forces, brought to life by bloodthirsty Nazis.

Features repack:
»Based on the release of GOG (02.20.2020)
»Nothing is cut out | Not recoded
»Game Version – 1.0 (35938)
»The language in the game is selected during installation in instal
»Added sound crack from RG MVO (version: 1.0)
Selected during installation on instal
»Installation time 7 minutes (depends on computer)
»Repack from xatab

Game Version: Added sound crack from RG MVO. Updated 05.12.2020

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