Wizard101 (1.0.0v) (KingsIsle Entertainment) 2018 PC



Game Information:
Release Date: 2018
Genre : Strategy, Economic simulator
Developer : KingsIsle Entertainment
Publisher : KingsIsle Entertainment
Type of publication : license
Language : English
Language of voice : Russian
Crack: Not required
Version : 1.0.0v

Game System Requirements :
Operating system: Win XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10;
Processor: 1.4 GHz or higher;
Memory: 512 MB;
Graphics Card: 512 MB;
Hard disk space: 500 MB;

Game Description:
Wizard101 a mysterious world in the style of fantasy. In this beautiful town planning game you can choose the side of people or elves. As a ruler of the city you have to lead your people to prosperity. Mysterious elves are submissive to mighty magic, as seen from buildings and creatures, but people are perfectly familiar with medieval weapons and technology. Download Far Cry 5 Gold Edition

Game Information:

Game Information Wizard101:

Wizard101 In the game of Wizard101 in the style of fantasy, almost all the buildings can be improved many times; while their appearance also changes and becomes more impressive. The main hall, factories, workers’ houses, residential buildings and many other buildings await improvement from your skillful hands. Turn your tiny village into a magnificent kingdom!

Perform exciting tasks on the world map, explore the area around the city, collect rare relics, speeding up production. And do not forget to research advanced technology! You can become a skilled and illustrious merchant, improve production or lead troops to victory in 3D animated battles – you decide

– New Classes and New Races
– Fearures Update and Graphic Design Update
– System Update and Game Interface Reworked!
– ReWorked Full Game Installation and Game Install Style
– Downloaded New Files and New Interfaces
– Heores Races Update and Added New Items

Game Update:

Game Update Wizard101:

We’re incredibly excited to invite all players to experience a new look and feel to many familiar Wizard City free-to-play areas. This update includes new graphics for Wizard City through Unicorn Way and Olde Town. We’ve also updated Character Creation, Character Selection, and the Tutorial. The NPCs and enemies in these areas now feature updated looks and talk animations. Graphics aren’t the only things we’ve updated – the sound and music in these areas have also been polished. Come relax in the re-vamped Ravenwood Academy and take in the amazing new ambience!

For those who prefer nostalgia or less graphic-intensive visuals, we’ve also instituted “Classic-Mode” so you can return these areas of the game to their original look. We know you might sometimes miss the old Wizard City, so we wanted to provide a way for you to return the game to its original settings. Just look for the option in the Options Menu.

Special Notes:
– Don’t miss the new ride-able Carousel in the mini-game area of the Commons!
– Make sure to check out all the new Talk animations on the Wizard City NPCs.
– Renee Wooften’s crew has moved to Olde Town to discuss their next projec

Game Installation:

Game Installation Wizard101:

1. First time, open link and Registration Game Wizard101
2: Next Run the installation file.
3. Install the game following the instructions of the installer.
4. Run the game from the shortcut on the desktop.
5. Now can play, Good Luck Gamers! Game Really Funny!

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Game Screenshots:

Game Screenshots Wizard101: