War Thunder

War Thunder [] (Gaijin Entertainment) (ENG+RUS) PC

War Thunder

War Thunder

Game Information:
Release year : 2012
Genre : MMORPG, Action, Tank, Simulator
Developer : Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher : Gaijin Entertainment
Type of publication : license
Interface language : English + Russian
Voice Language : Russian
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Operating System: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: A processor with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz;
Video card: GeForce series 7XXX and higher; Radeon series 1XXX and higher
Hard disk space: 11 GB

Game Description:
War Thunder begins the transition to the new version of the Dagor Engine – 4.0, and thanks to the new rendering, the equipment and battlefields began to look even more realistic. Technologies from the NVIDIA Gameworks suite were also integrated into the updated engine: the PhysX Destruction destruction system and the generation of water surfaces using NVIDIA Waveworks. Now tankers can shoot down entire buildings with shots, and the waves and surf on sea charts look incredibly believable. Crossout Torrent Download

Game Information:

Additional Information :

Another feature of the improved engine is the integration of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies: for example, NVIDIA PhysX Destruction allows War Thunder to achieve even more realism by entering the destructibility of large objects: fragments of walls, ruins and entire buildings can be destroyed. Players will be able to destroy the shelter behind which the enemy is hiding or create new firing positions, changing the dynamics of the battle.

The use of NVIDIA WaveWorks technology allows you to create an unusually realistic image of waves and foam in the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes, they will be affected by the strength and direction of the wind. All cards in the game will use this technology.

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Game modes:
The online project War Thunder includes both single and multiplayer games, and gamers are offered different modes, the number of which will increase over time. You can take a tank, plane or ship under your control, that is, you have the opportunity to look at historical events from the point of view of various kinds of troops. Best of all, you can download War Thunder torrent for free.

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Graphics on top:
Realism touched all the components of the gameplay: the appearance of vehicles (by the way, the game features more than 500 detailed models), their maneuverability, speed, firing range, damage and other features. Credible look and cards that repeat the situation in a particular area, which served as an arena for hostilities. Especially for accurate recreation, the developers used images taken by the satellite during the war years.

Awesome fights:
One of the highlights of War Thunder 2015 is Historical Battles. Here, gamers have in their own way to reproduce the battles that took place in the past. Of course, you can use only those types of equipment that were used in reality. This mode is quite complicated from a tactical point of view. It is necessary to carefully consider various aspects: the distance to the target, the laws of physics, the direction of the wind and other weather conditions.

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No less interesting multiplayer mode “Realistic battles.” Here, gamers also have to monitor a lot of different sensors to verify the exact calculation of the blow. Each miss – a loss of time, effort, ammunition, as well as a percentage of the chance of victory. In other words, War Thunder is not an entertainment, but a responsible mission. A serious approach to completing assignments is important here. We add that you can play for five states: the USSR, the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Japan.

Game Featues:

Game Features:

Key features of War Thunder:
– Cross-platform online game dedicated to the events of World War II and the Korean War;
– Realistically recreated locations based on photographs taken during the war years from a satellite;
– detailed models of historical land, air and marine equipment;
– realistic control of vehicles and their combat systems;
– Several exciting game modes that set different battle parameters;
– single player game that allows you to fully concentrate on the reproduction of historical events;
– Multiplayer modes that make the gameplay doubly exciting!

Game Screenshots:

Game Screenshots:

War Thunder War Thunder