The Walking Evil

The Walking Evil [v 1.3] (2020) PC | License

The Walking Evil is a mixture of action and horror with a third-person view, a game in which you will encounter incredible danger face to face

The Walking Evil

Game Information:
Title: The Walking Evil
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Genre: Action, Survival horror, 3rd Person
Developer: indie_games_studio
Publisher: indie_games_studio
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Version: 1.3
Interface language: Russian, English, Multi5
Voice Language: Russian, English
Crack: Present (CODEX)

Game System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel CORE i5
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 820m
Disk Space: 18 GB

Game Description:
The Walking Evil is a mixture of action and horror with a third-person view, a game in which you will encounter incredible danger face to face, solve puzzles, and kill a variety of monsters The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when the ordinary detective takes up the investigation of the case, which turned into a series of murders.

You will play the role of Daniel Robinson, a detective who during the investigation does not encounter an ordinary serial maniac, as it might have seemed at first, but with forces that are much worse and worse. In his role, you have to face zombies and monsters, bloodthirsty vile creatures, mutants, huge bosses, and not only. And believe me, the further you move along the storyline, the more terrible the events taking place around the hero will be.

Game Information:

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Naturally, the emphasis in The Walking Evil is primarily on the atmosphere. And she, believe me, in this game is simply excellent. Gloomy dark locations, night streets, monsters appearing out of nowhere and trying to destroy the main character, shadows that sometimes seem alive – the developers with the help of all this created a really cool atmosphere. And plus everything else, it also complements the appearance of the monsters that you have to face, and the battle with them.

Another feature of this game is the opportunities that are offered to players. For example, it would be worth saying that in this game a partially open huge world will wait for you, in which you can even move around by car.

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Well, plus everything, you will find a wide range of weapons with ever-missing ammunition, melee weapons, well-thought-out dialogues with a lot of characters, puzzles, puzzles, a lot of notes and evidence that will gradually shed light on what is happening, and much more. By the way, the game is unique, but somewhat reminiscent of the legendary “RE” series, so it certainly won’t disappoint you

The Walking Evil is an adventure and horror game developed by indie_games_studio for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of post-apocalypse, and the following features can be distinguished: action, adventure, indie, meat, violence, psychological, zombies, survival, puzzle, horror and others. You will have access to such game modes as “single player”.

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Around the world, The Walking Evil is distributed as a one-time purchase by indie_games_studio. At the moment, the game stage is running, and its release date is 05/01/2020. It is impossible to download The Walking Evil, including via torrent, because the game is distributed according to the one-time purchase model. The game supports the Russian, English and more language.

Feature and Install:

How to install The Walking Evil ?

1. Mount the image and install the game, install Update v1.3.
2. Copy the contents of the CODEX folder to the game folder.
3. To play.

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Game Screenshots:

The Walking EvilThe Walking Evil