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The Evil Within A new project from the creator of the legendary Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami and the talented Tango Gameworks development team

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Game Information:
Title: The Evil Within
Release year: October 14, 2014
Genre: Action, Survival horror, 3D, 3rd Person
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English, Multi7
Language: Russian, English, Multi5
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free from GOG)

Game System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit Required)
Processor: i7 or an equivalent with four plus core processor
Video card: GTX 460 or equivalent 1 GB VRAM card
Free hard disk space : 55 GB

Game Description:
The Evil Within A new project from the creator of the legendary Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami and the talented Tango Gameworks development team, The Evil Within is a true embodiment of the Survival Horror genre. The world will turn upside down, carrying you into the insidious intricacies of intrigue and an ongoing series of nightmares. Can you break the vicious circle? The latest lighting and animation technologies available thanks to the id Tech 5 engine will surround you with realistic products of a sick imagination and make you feel truly animal fear. Spintires MudRunner Torrent Download

Game Information:

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In the debut project of his new studio, Shinji Mikami was to remind everyone why Resident Evil had once fallen in love with him . Publisher The Evil Within everywhere presents it as a living embodiment of the survival horror genre, frightening to screeching, hysteria and nightmares. It seems that the PR department of Bethesda completely missed its real essence

Already at the start of The Evil Within, more events unleash on you than many action movies. Detectives inspecting the murder scene, hide and seek from a big guy with a chainsaw, bathing in blood, racing around a crumbling city, and all this is just an introduction. It is diverse and bright, only it sets up such an idea not for horrors, but for a bloody action movie. And not cheating. Zombie Army 4 Dead War Torrent Download

Here the car crashes, and Detective Sebastian Castellanos wanders through the bushes into the village at night, trying to find his partners. From now on, the story will be submitted in a minute for an hour of gameplay. Do not hope that they will explain something to you now – they will not explain it for a long time. And let’s say right away: do not wait for the scriptural revelations to the very end. Suffer for your pleasure.

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And the gameplay from the time of Resident Evil 4 is almost technically unchanged. The same camera, the same methodical shooting of monsters – local enemies even do not really differ in behavior from los illuminados. However, The Evil Within has a slightly different approach . At first, at the usual level of difficulty, the ammunition counts, and for one monster it leaves in the region of three shots … in the head. The detective himself generally have a couple of pokes. For the sake of saving ammunition, you can go to hand-to-hand combat, but in order to kill at least someone in a close combat , you will have to inflict at least five blows, constantly dodging. Even a lonely monster is quite capable of killing you while you are dancing around it.

If there is an opportunity to run away and hide in the closet – run and hide. For stealth issues, The Evil Within refers to the Forbidden Siren experience . Sebastian is able to quickly and silently kill a monster if he sneaks up to him. No tricks like killings due to shelters: we hide behind large objects, go behind our backs and pierce the skull with a knife.

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More interesting is the struggle for survival by traps, mines and streamers scattered across the levels. A successful escape from angry monsters can be separated from the inglorious death by just one unnoticed trap. And yet, you always face a choice: to dismantle the detected trap into cogs for a crossbow or use against pursuers.

But, even acting secretly, you will feel not a hunter, but a driven victim. Every second in The Evil Within, you are physically uncomfortable and want to run. Anywhere. Though away from the game. Metro Exodus Torrent Download

It would seem that everything is wonderful: for once, the hero is weak, and the word survival in the name of the genre has real meaning. But it turns out that a fair amount of stress is achieved by the cheapest method – intentional conventions. For example, Sebastian was made not just weak, but deliberately weak: at the beginning of the game he cannot even run for more than three seconds,

immediately exhales – despite the fact that he runs like an athlete in chased pursuits. Melee weapons, like a flimsy hatchet, kill a monster with one blow, but immediately disappear from their hands. On the floor, as many normal, strong axes as you like can roll around, but the developers decided that they should not be taken. So it’s impossible.

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Over time, The Evil Within more and more often deprives you of the right to stealth and begins to throw tons of powerful “meat”. You can use explosive barrels against it, set fire to haystacks or the same traps – you will never be left without hope, although you almost always have to survive with all your might. Management and, in particular, aiming is deliberately difficult, and the enemies, despite the numerical advantage, are stronger than ever. If you are willing to endure this, The Evil Within will guide you through all the circles of hell.

And if you suddenly decide that you are too pressured, the level of difficulty can be reduced. On light difficulty, Sebastian bathes in cartridges and spares light into enemy heads. The game from a desperate thriller turns into a clumsy shooter without shelters – an adventure for an amateur, although if you just want to understand what the hell is going on here, it will do

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The Evil Within – it’s like a dashing horror ride: it’s like you are riding on a trolley, and they are trying to excite you in every way around every turn. For example, from a spacious night village you find yourself in a cramped psychiatric hospital, where the pace of the game changes dramatically, and a well-thought-out, slightly thoughtful stealth gives way to nervous wanderings along the corridors, where something evil can be waiting for you around every corner.

But the good moments (the same ninth chapter that was shown to reporters, or the battle with the safe-headed head are absolutely wonderful situations) are interspersed with both good and openly hacky. For example, in some chapters, The Evil Within cites the last two Resident Evil – in the worst sense of the word.

Feature and Install:

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How to download The Evil Within ?

1. Scroll Down and Download Game
2. Download Game
3. Start Installation and Wait Few min
4. Enter Game! Good Luck

Game Features:

  • Return to the origins of the genre. Shinji Mikami is the founder of the Survival Horror genre. The plot created by him frightens and bewitches at the same time. Anxiety and fear continuously increase as you explore the distorted world of the game through and through. The hero has to fight for his life, using a limited arsenal of opportunities. The burning mixture of action and thriller will make you experience the horror of the highest standard.
  • Insidious traps and monstrous opponents. Incredible horrors, cruel traps and devilish mechanisms – all this will stand in the way of the hero to salvation. But evil can and should be turned against itself – the crowds of deadly enemies themselves will be defeated by the infernal inventions of an inflamed consciousness.
  • Unknown danger, unprecedented world. The unsteady world of the game is constantly being distorted and changing, giving rise to ever new horrors. Walls, corridors, doors, and even entire buildings can suddenly transform, confusing the hero and further luring him into a world where you cannot be sure of anything.
  • The revival of the genre. A well-designed landscape, a constant sense of fear and an intricate storyline – all this creates a unique world of the game, which from the beginning to the end keeps you at the peak of tension. Can you overcome the most important enemy: inhuman horror, devouring you from the inside?

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Features of the repack:
– Based on the release of GOG from RG GOGFAN
– Nothing cut / Not recoded
– Installed sound crack from Team Raccoon & RG. MVO v1.1
Select Russian or English voice in instal when installing the game. English voice acting can not be downloaded (data-en.bin)
if not required. The rest in the game settings menu in any combination.
First DLC: The Assignment
Last DLC: The Consequence
DLC: The Executioner
” Installation time ~ 30 minutes
»Repack from xatab

Game Screenshots: