Star Conflict

Star Conflict [1.6.8] (Gaijin Entertainment) (2013/2020) PC

Star Conflict is an online multiplayer computer game created by StarGem Inc in collaboration with Gaijin Entertainment

Star Conflict

Game Information:
Release year : 2013 (Update 2020)
Genre : Simulator, MMORPG, Action, Adventure
Developer : Star Gem
Publisher : Gaijin Entertainment
Type of publication : License
Interface language : Russian, English
Voice Language : Russian, English
Crack : Not required – Game is Offical
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon II
Video card: 512 MB NVidia / AMD Radeon / Intel with support for Pixel Shader 3.0 (except for AMD Radeon X1000 series)
Hard disk space: 4 GB
Operating System: Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / 7/8
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Game Description:
Star Conflict is an online multiplayer computer game created by StarGem Inc in collaboration with Gaijin Entertainment. The game allows you to sit at the helm of a space starship and take part in the massive battles of star armada. Download Crossout

Dozens of different ships are at your disposal, from fast-moving scouts to heavy frigates armed with guns and missiles. Each ship can be prepared for various tasks: reconnaissance, hunting for the enemy, supporting allies, powerful attack, support with long-range sniper weapons.

Game Information:

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Star Conflict is a representative of the nowadays popular genre of session MMO-action, where the whole gameplay is tied to the confrontation of two parties on a random map in various modes. Travian Legends PC

The meaning of the game is development, constant upgrades and the acquisition of new starships between battles.

Even at the development stage, the game was dubbed as Space War Thunder .

After all, the game was created by StarGem studio not with anyone, but with Gaijin Entertainment – the company that created the very War Thunder – a game that is, among other things, one of the most popular airplane simulators in the world.

But with planes, everything is clear – many love them. But what about those of us who wanted to feel more at the helm of a spaceship – a nimble frigate or a heavy star cruiser?

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Especially for you, Russian developers have created a game in which you can control a real spaceship and fly in space, improving your spaceship and your skills.

Yes, there are quite a few space online actions of this kind.

But since time immemorial, people have been asking one question – when will we be able to fly a spaceship in a game, like in real Star Wars? Effectively, dynamically, with decent physics. Free Card Games

However, in response to this question, players again and again tossed another flash arcade with a top view, like Dark Orbit or worse – Battle Abuse . These toys, of course, are good and interesting in their own way. But most expected a game of a completely different level, which would meet all the trends of our time.

And it happened! The developers of Star Conflict went much further, creating not just another space arcade, but implementing a full-fledged 3D project with high-quality graphics of the highest class. Compared to most other online space battles, Star Conflict is a huge leap forward.

So what does this great game offer us? Read on for a review of Star Conflict and learn all the details.

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In total, the game features three types of ships – attack aircraft, interceptors and frigates. The latter are the heaviest ships.

Interceptors are maneuverable and have high speed, with the help of which they can quite easily fly into the rear of the enemy and destroy even the Frigate in case he was left without cover. Interceptors are pretty fragile. However, this is offset by a good firing range. The interceptor special module is a plasma network, with which you can hang a strong pillbox.

Attack aircraft – the main striking force. More powerful than interceptors, but not as fast. Very tenacious, unlike interceptors, ships. They are middles between frigates and interceptors. They have medium armament, medium armor, medium speed. Everything is average, and this makes the ship a good workhorse. Each ship has a special module that gives it a special personality. For the Sturmovik, this is an 18-second chameleon-invisibility.

Frigates – provide assistance, push directions, capture points, shoot well from afar, carry an impressive force, thanks to firepower. Frigates are heavy and clumsy, which is offset by high survivability.

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It is quite easy for small brisk ships to spin it, shooting and stepping into the tail. However, if it is good for them to play, then the frigate can very seriously affect the outcome of the battle. A frigate feature is drones, which it can release so that they beat the enemy. Drones are also able to heal allied ships. In terms of intelligence, by the way, game bots can sometimes compete with the players themselves.

You start the game with a first-class attack aircraft. In total, the ranks are 15. In each battle, you gain experience, which here is called synergy, which is spent on improving the level. By improving the level of synergy, you open access to new ships. You can’t sell the old ship. They will just be at your base.

Free PC Star Conflict

Management is implemented, at first glance, quite simple – a keyboard plus a mouse. But a novice can get confused in the buttons responsible for the various functions of the ship.

The battles look very realistic and very dynamic. There are quite standard modes such as defatch, hold points, command to command, defense of the commander and delivery of bombs to the enemy base.

In hardcore mode, you should already carefully approach tactics, and choose the ship wisely, because if you get hit, you can no longer transfer to another spaceship.

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Features and Install:

1. The player has dozens of different ships at his disposal: from frisky scouts to heavy frigates packed with cannons and rockets.
2. Everyone can assemble their own fleet.
3. The multiplayer game feature allows you to team up with friends to create an entire army of ships.
4. Many ways to develop do not allow you to stand still: you need to hone your tactics and improve your fighting skills to always be ahead.

1. Run the Setup file
2. Install the game in a convenient directory
3. After installation, register
4. We play for fun

Game Screenshots:

Star Conflict: Evolution Star Conflict: Evolution