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Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster [1.1.0] (2015 /PC) Repack West4it

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Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster

Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster

Game Information:
Name: Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster
Release Date: 2019
Genre: Action (Survival horror), 3D, 3rd Person
Developer: CAPCOM
Publisher: CAPCOM
Edition type: Repack
Voice Language: Russian, English
Interface language: Russian, English
Medicine: Sewn (ALI213, CODEX)

Game System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 +
Processor: AMD Athlon 3 GHz
Video adapter: DirectX 9, Geforce 9600
Hard disk space: 13 GB

Game Description:
Resident Evil RE (7) make – a remake of the original game Resident Evil, but now in 3D and with a first-person view. There are two modes: storyline and mercenary. The mansion now consists of new rooms, more puzzles have been added. The mercenary mode offers 4 cards. To unlock another location, you will have to collect the required number of points. Free Download Far Cry 5

Game Featurs:

Game Features Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster:

Graphics has become more, retaining the old horror.
Thanks to the improved resolution and dynamic 3D-models, the scenery was filled with details.
To give the picture even more realism, added halos around light sources and other video effects, which at the time of the first release of the game were not mastered.
Scenery in high resolution – the backgrounds were designed anew, now they combine high-quality still images and animated three-dimensional models.

Widescreen Format A widescreen (16: 9) format is supported, allowing you to dive even deeper into what is happening.
An image in this format scrolls. Those parts of it that extend beyond the top and bottom of the screen automatically move into view after the movement of the character.
The screen format can be selected at any time of the game.


Repack Features:

Repack Features Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster:


Supported Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (trad; cpr), Spanish
Not cut / recoded, some files reassembled
Content uploaded December 12, 2018 from Steam / Including November 2018 patch
Version of the game 1.1.0 / AppID 304240
Installation time ~ 15-30 minutes (Depends on PC)
700 MB of RAM required for installation

Compression: 13 GB to 6.6 GB (including voice acting)
Left clips 1080p medium quality
Prescribed launch parameters
Ability not to download files: data5 and data6 (Russian voiceovers) / optional installation
Sewn fixes and patches:
UI Improvements: All sorts of minor fixes. Icons, labels, font adjustment, elimination of any inaccuracies
Retcon Pack: Partially sewn. Changes mainly the appearance of characters, but fixes such problems: Eyes, hands, animations, textures
Music Pack: Music behaves incorrectly (when how), this pack normalizes sounds (the sound behaves always the same)
Optional installation:
LowFps by megatenfreak (fix for weak systems, removes drawdowns and slomamo; even on powerful PCs, because optimizing the game so-so)
SweetFX (Well, everything seems to be clear) / Incompatible with LowFps
REHD HOOK by Atom0s (Some fixes, add-ons. Hide the cursor, fix weak systems, xp bar, timer, etc.)
Utilities used by: Edisson007, Razor, Bulat Ziganshina, Profrager

Game Screenshots:

Game Screenshots Resident Evil Biohazard HD Remaster:

Resident Evil / Biohazard HD Remaster [1.1.0] (2015/РС/Русский), Repack от West4itResident Evil / Biohazard HD Remaster [1.1.0] (2015/РС/Русский), Repack от West4itResident Evil / Biohazard HD Remaster [1.1.0] (2015/РС/Русский), Repack от West4it

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