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RAID Shadow Legends

RAID Shadow Legends

Game Information:
Name: RAID: Shadow Legends
Release Year: 2019
Genre: MMORPG, Tactics, Isometric
Developer: Plarium
Publisher: Plarium Global Ltd
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Version: 203 # 1.13.0
Language: Russian, English and More
Voice Language: English, Russian.
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or better;
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 660 / Radeon R9 270 or better;
Hard disk space: 5 GB

Game Description:
The kingdom of Telerius is threatened by the dark spell of the powerful Lord Cyroth. The arbiter, the immortal guardian of Telerius, brings back to life the ancient warriors who could stop the darkness. And you are one of them. Here you will apply the talent of a strategist, take part in innovative PvE and PvP battles, assemble a team of unique heroes and bring victory to your clan in a team battle. Join the ranks of the Telerius warriors – and become a legend! Download World of Warships

Game Information:

General Hero Guide RAID Shadow Legends:

The game is based on pumping and collecting heroes. The main goal is to select and develop an excellent team for the passage of the Company, the Dungeon and become a leader in the Arena. There are a lot of heroes in the game, and each of them has its own meaning: some serve as an aid for the further development of powerful characters, others easily go through the company alone, and others are considered the coolest in the Arena. Champions are divided into several fractions:

  • Effects.
  • High elves.
  • Holy Order.
  • Barbarians.
  • Tribes of ogrins.
  • Lizards.
  • Werewolves.
  • Orcs.
  • Demons.
  • Hordes of the undead.
  • The dark elves.
  • The Departed.

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So, the game has 12 fractions, but they do not affect the characteristics of the heroes, rather, it is part of the history of the game. Factional affiliation makes it possible to wear special Attributes. If a thing belongs to one race, then a representative of another faction will not be able to take it. An attribute is a special jewelry, serves as an additional factor and affects the characteristics of the hero who wears it RAID Shadow Legends

The elements. More characters are divided into elements of the elements. In RAID: Shadow Legends there are 4 elements:

  • Magic.
  • Spirit.
  • Strength.
  • Darkness.

The first three elements are interconnected: Magic beats the Spirit, the Spirit is stronger than the Force, and the Force dominates the Magic. In the center of the triangle is Darkness, which has no weaknesses against other elements. Poems influence development: each hero in the game can strengthen his initial skills with the help of special potions. Potions can be obtained from the elemental towers in the Underground. For example, if a player wants to improve the characteristics of skills, then he must get a potion of his element RAID Shadow Legends

How to Play RAID Shadow Legends?

Ordinary – these heroes most often come across during the Call or fall out in the Company. They have one star, one active skill. Characters are marked with a gray frame. These heroes can raise the level of rarer characters. Download them does not make sense. Free Download War Thunder

Fancy – marked with a green frame. They have 2 stars. These heroes are pumped in order to raise the stardom of the player’s leading characters. At the start of the game with them you can go through the Company. Often come across, so the easiest way to make food (sacrifice for development) of other heroes. They have 2 active skills.

Rare – marked with a blue frame. They can be obtained by Call, knocked out in the Company. They have 3-4 skills. Some of them can be upgraded to 5 – 6 stars (this requires food). They have 3 stars.

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Epic – drop out of the Call (from the Ancient and Dark fragments), are given as rewards, they can be collected (merged). These heroes are mostly good at the Arena while completing the Dungeons. They have 3 to 4 skills and 4 stars. Marked with a purple frame. Some of them can only serve as food RAID Shadow Legends

Legendary – marked with an orange frame, have 5 stars and 3-4 skills. They initially have the highest rates. Can be obtained from the Sacred Shard or Merge. They are good at any activity of the game. Resident Evil 3 Remake

Class. And, of course, each hero has his own role in the game. All their attacks depend on which class the characters belong to. Thanks to their class, the player can choose equipment for champions. The game has 3 classes:

  • Support.
  • Protection.
  • Attack.
  • Health.

RAID Shadow Legends Sets and Skills

Life – gives + 15% to health. The player will receive this set one of the first. Suitable for any hero, but especially necessary for those characters whose abilities depend on maximum health RAID Shadow Legends.

Attack – + 15% to attack, will be useful at the start of the game.

Defense – + 15% to defense, a set is useful to any hero whose attack depends on maximum defense.

Critical Chance – + 12% to the chance of dealing critical damage. It will be relevant on heroes who have the ability to impose penalties in critical damage.

Accuracy – +40 accuracy. It is important for characters who impose negative effects on the enemy.

Speed – + 12% to speed. The higher the speed of the hero, the faster his progress rate scale is filled. High speed characters go first. Some hero skills are speed dependent. Therefore, this kit will always be relevant.

Resistance – + 20% to resistance. This indicator affects the ability to avoid the fine of the enemy.

Critical Damage – + 20% to critical damage. If the champion has a high critical chance, then critical damage must be increased to do more damage.

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Life theft – allows the character to be healed for 30% of the damage done. Suitable for Farm Companies and Dungeons. The effect of the theft of life does not work when dealing poison damage, or when using skills that inflict damage from the maximum health of the target. If there is a skill that heals the damage done, then both effects will add up RAID Shadow Legends.

Death – reduces the maximum health of the target by 30% of the damage done. The set cannot reduce the maximum health of the target by more than 8% for each attack. The effect is applied per skill, not per hit. During the battle, the maximum health of the enemy cannot be reduced by more than 40% of the initial indicator.

Revenge – gives the hero a 25% chance of a counterattack when attacking an opponent. For a counterattack, a basic skill is applied. This kit is suitable for characters who have a powerful basic skill (better when it is massive or can impose a fine on the enemy).

Rage – + 5% to the speed scale for every 10% of damage. Maximum 25%. At the same time, it increases damage, which increases with a decrease in the hero’s health points. Suitable for arena. Recommended for heroes who have Provocation or Taunt.

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Healing – + 10% to all healing skills. It affects all healing effects that the character applies (including himself), but not the healing that he receives from allies.

Reaction – with a probability of 30% reduces the cooldown of one of the skills by 1 turn. The choice of skill happens by chance. For heroes with a long reload time, this kit is not useful.

Curse – when attacking the enemy gives the character a 50% chance to impose a 50% healing penalty on the opponent for 1 turn. The kit is useful in the Arena. Well suited to that hero who has powerful massive attacks.

Poison – when attacking an enemy, the character has a 50% chance to apply a 2.5% effect on him for 2 turns. Damage from Poison is gradual, and depends on the maximum health of the target. Suitable for heroes with poison skills.
Frost – if a character is attacked, he will freeze the enemy for 1 turn with a 20% probability. Great for characters with the skill Provocations or Taunts (which are often attacked).

Stupor – when attacking an enemy, the hero has a 25% chance of casting Sleep on him for 1 turn. Works well on a hero with a massive attack. If the sleeping enemy is damaged, it wakes up.

Immunity – imposes a Block of fines on the character for 2 turns at the beginning of each round. The kit is useful in the Arena.

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Retaliation – gives the champion a 30% chance of a counterattack when inflicting critical damage on him. Perfect for heroes who have a powerful basic skill.

Shield – at the beginning of each round gives the entire team a 30% Shield bonus for 3 turns. The strength of the Shield depends on the maximum health of the character. Works great on a hero with a large supply of health. If this set is worn on several heroes in a team, then the effect of each Shield will be summarized.

Valor – 30% reduces the damage that a character takes from attacks over the area. Works well in Dungeons.

Rabies – for every 5% of health lost from 1 hit, the hero fills his progress bar by 10%. Useful for heroes with resuscitation or healing. The effect does not work if the character loses health from Poisons.

Regeneration – at the beginning of each turn, the hero is treated for 10% of maximum health. The level of treatment depends on the maximum health of the hero at the time of the battle, including various bonuses.

Stun – when attacking, the hero has a 18% chance to put Stun on the opponent for 1 turn. Useful for characters with multiple skills that give a massive attack. Enemies that are under the effect of Stun can be attacked without restrictions.

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Ferocity – gives the hero a 18% chance on an additional move. With each additional move, the chance to walk is once again reduced by 45%.
Cruelty – the hero ignores 25% of the target’s defense.

Mockery – the hero has a 30% chance to impose Provocation for 1 turn on the opponent. Suitable for heroes who can take the blow of the entire enemy team. Works well in a mass attack.

Ruthlessness – + 15% to attack, while 5% of the opponent’s defense is ignored. This pack can only be rewarded for Clan Battles.

Immortality – + 15% to the character’s health. The hero is healed by 3% for each turn. This pack can only be rewarded for Clan Battles.

Heavenly sets have 2 items. The kit can be obtained as a reward at the Arena. Shield action, updated with each round:

Life Heavenly – + 15% health, shield strength + 15% health for 3 turns.

Attack Heavenly – + 15% attack, shield strength + 15% health for 3 turns.

Heavenly critical chance – + 12% to critical chance, shield strength + 15% health for 3 turns.
Heavenly speed – + 12% to speed, shield strength + 15% health for 3 turns.

Feature and Install:

Feature and Installation:

Game Features:
• PvP Arena. Fight with other players in the Arena – and let the strongest win! Hone your skills, defeat your opponents and rise from one league to another to get valuable rewards and earn respect from your enemies!

• Over 300 heroes. The right team is the key to victory. Under your wise guidance, the orcs, undead, and lizardmen will fight shoulder to shoulder. Choose the strongest warriors from 16 factions!

• Terrible bosses. Defeating bosses, you earn trophies and experience, and your collection is replenished with new heroes. Test your team in the Lava Knight Castle, Spider’s Nest, Dragon’s Lair, on the Ice Golem Plateau and other locations!

• Million combinations. Discover a unique set of talents for heroes and strengthen them so that they show their best sides. Create an invincible team and surpass any opponent!

• Progress on PC and Mobile This version of RAID: Shadow Legends is a client game and has no browser counterparts. All the progress made earlier on the mobile version can be transferred to the PC Version.

Installing and launching the game: RAID Shadow Legends
1. Run Setup and install the game
2. Register
3. On the desktop, launch a shortcut with the game
4. After checking the files, you can start playing