Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode (2015) PC | RePack by RG Freedom

Minecraft Story Mode offers to go to the popular world, but in the form of a plot adventure. The project is not an addon, but a separate game where the plot, as in other Telltale Games

Minecraft Story Mode

Game Information:
Title: Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Adventure, 3D, 3rd Person
Developer: Mojang and Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English (changing during installation)
Language: English
Tablet: Sewn (CODEX)

Game System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
Video card: ATI or NVIDIA card w / 512 MB RAM
Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0 s
Free space on hard disk: 5 GB

Game Description:
Minecraft Story Mode offers to go to the popular world, but in the form of a plot adventure. The project is not an addon, but a separate game where the plot, as in other Telltale Games, develops depending on the decisions made by the player. The plot of Minecraft: Story Mode, as is now accepted, is divided into five episodes that make up the first season. The protagonist is Jesse, who, like his friends, worships the legendary Order of the Stone – the four heroes who killed the Dragon Ender. During EnderCon, Jesse and her friends realize that something is wrong … something terrible has happened. The real terror began, and now the heroes need to find the Order of the Stone so that they will not let the world perish. Minecraft Torrent Download

Game Information:

Torrent Minecraft Story Mode

Telltale Games has always been distinguished by its delicate scent and ability to adapt to any demanded franchise. But this time they started, it seems, a rare adventure. It’s one thing to make a story based on the comics of Bill Willingham or Robert Kirkman, with a ready-made literary base and beautiful soil for creativity, and quite another thing – to turn a sandbox into a blooming garden, behind which there is nothing but a recognizable style and Internet-raised memetics.

In Minecraft, the player himself seeks adventure and creates his own story, but in Story Mode all this is crossed out by one single solution: there is a plot. And this plot becomes the foundation, and on it, as usual in episodic stories from Telltale, the game itself has already been laid. Not in whole, but in parts PC Top 20 Games

The first time you launch the classic Minecraft , you will see that its characters only do what they dig, build and survive. But the true essence of the game has long gone beyond the limits of an elementary routine, and I’m not only talking about amateur modifications.

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We live in a world where Minecraft players buy mansions for millions of dollars; in a world where Microsoft uses Minecraft to showcase its HoloLens Augmented Reality Points, and John Carmack is involved in working on the VR version of the game . The real story of Minecraft is here. Not in the game itself, but in the reality surrounding it.

Story Mode appears in a completely different light when you know what it all means. Why you need, for example, to be afraid of creepers, you will understand from the context, but they will cause a truly rich gamut of feelings only if you happen to dig up a full backpack of diamonds and meet one such friend on the way home.

Nevertheless, the Telltale team once again confirms that she can do a coherent story on any material. If we discard all references, there remains a simple, but quite suitable fairy tale with elements of family humor.

The main character is a kind of role model of a typical silly young man (or girl) with a good heart. The story begins with a competition for the construction of unknown structures: you decide which project will be popular among residents and will help to gain fame as the best builders. Training takes place in the best traditions of films about Rocky Balboa, and your ardent rivals are a gang of typical hooligans in leather jackets, and to complete the image, they lack only the laced hairs.

Repack Minecraft Story Mode

Telltale scriptwriters, in their usual manner, continue to build situations in which the boundaries between right and wrong decisions are blurred cleanly (not least because the choices are often illusory, but these are details). Only this time, situations are built from cubes and pixels the size of a fist … and this, perhaps, scratches a little. The story that Story Mode tells is nevertheless clearly designed for children: it has obvious good, obvious evil and moral standards of the “friends are not in trouble” level. They will probably not crush this structure. Because there is no need. Not here.

The first episode, as usual, reveals the background of the game gradually and over time makes it clear that almost every detail here relies on ideas that came from a huge fan base. There are a lot of references – but what’s there, the first episode consists almost entirely of them. Just as Uncharted ties together a set of disparate action scenes into an entire adventure, so does Story Mode do the same with Minecraft trails.

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Telltale mixes Minecraft’s signature features a little bit into its classic cinema mechanics, where dialogs are interspersed with simple puzzles and QTEs . For example, the heroes sometimes come across tasks whose solution requires a new object: it must be riveted from improvised materials on a workbench. The fighting episodes are as clumsy as in the original (click, click, click, victory), because again the source obliges.

Feature and Install:

How to install Minecraft Story Mode ?

1; Download Game From WPCGames
2; Click Setup and Wait For Installation
3; Now Can Play! Good Luck

If You Have Installation Problem Write Comment!

Features RePack:
1 Based on the release from CODEX;
2. Nothing is cut out;
3. Nothing is recoded;
4. Game archives are not repackaged;
5. Tested on Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate);
6. RG Freedom’s RePack. Episodes

1 through 8 are present.

Game Version: updated 09.13.2016 – Episod 8 has been added, the tablet has been replaced by CODEX.

Game Screenshots:
Minecraft: Story Mode (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. FreedomMinecraft: Story Mode (2015) PC | RePack от R.G. Freedom