Magic The Gathering Arena

Magic The Gathering Arena (Wizards of the Coast LLC) (2019) PC

Magic The Gathering Arena

Magic The Gathering Arena

Game Information:
Release Year : 2019
Genre : MMO, Strategy, CCG, Cards
Developer : Wizards of the Coast LLC
Publisher : Wizards of the Coast LLC
Type of publication : license
Interface language : Russian
Voice Language : Russian
Tabletka : Not required
Version : 1864.739803.01

Game System Requirements :
Operating System: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10;
Processor: Intel Core i5 + analogs or higher;
RAM: 4 GB or more;
Video card: 1 GB;
DirectX: 10

Game Description:
Magic: the Gathering Arena – The original collectible card game with an incomparable depth of strategy was embodied in the electronic version. Play Magic, collect cards, make decks and demonstrate your strategic skills! Euro Truck Simulator 2 Free Download

Whatever you are – a veteran of collectible card games or a beginner in this genre – in Magic you will certainly find something that will appeal to precisely the self-made inventions of the future, as well as complete freedom of movement and action.

Immerse yourself in the world of Magic: The Gathering Arena and get acquainted with the tactics, power and rich history of this strategic card game on your PC! Test your deck in exciting digital battles with inventive opponents.

Game Information:

Magic The Gathering Arena Now every new CCI after the release inevitably remains in the shadow of the Blizzard mastodon – Hearthstone . No matter what new mechanics they offer, no matter how hard they try to bribe with a beautiful wrapper, not a single project has managed to reach the same level of quality. But the company Wizards of the Coast – in fact, the founders of the genre – decided to try it all the same. Their Magic: The Gathering Arena , an extraordinary attempt to transfer “Magic” to the digital format, has the only goal: to make “the father of all CCIs” accessible to everyone.

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Arena is played just like the board version of the game. If you have seen at least one other CCI, you already have an idea of ​​how everything looks. Two players try to defeat each other by playing cards: creatures, objects, spells, magic artifacts and the like. MTG mechanics are quite complicated for beginners (for example, there is not one type of mana, but five), but do not be afraid: at the first start, the game will certainly lead through the training, filed in the form of a small adventure. Training will help beginners understand basic mechanics, and professionals will get used to innovations.

The Wizards of the Coast project skillfully simplifies some of the annoying aspects of physical Magic The Gathering Arena and allows you to focus on strategy rather than carefully following all the small rules. The move is conveniently divided into phases, and the game will always tell you when and what you can play. Only experienced people who could know by heart the synergies of more than a thousand cards could build decks in the desktop version, but the digital version itself sorts and organizes the cards according to various parameters. Hello Neighbor Torrent Download

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Magic The Gathering Arena Due to the fact that there is no need to get through a ton of obscure data, even beginners will be able to quickly collect something of their own – the benefit of a breakthrough on the Internet. In the end, collecting cards in Arena is much easier: they do not deteriorate over time, which means that you do not need to spend money on treads separately. This, of course, is not the same at all (someone will probably miss tactile sensations), but virtual cards are much cheaper than real ones. And with the economy, everything is in order: the game rewards success so generously that to replenish the deck you do not even need to constantly perform daily tasks.

The interface and menus are intuitive, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, but the arenas are drawn without unnecessary prettiness, therefore they do not attract too much attention. But the rich illustrations on the cards themselves, which MTG has always been famous for, have been transferred to numbers directly from the physical primary sources. Creatures’ actions are accompanied by spectacular animations, whether they are goblins soaring into the air, tornadoes sweeping cards from the table, or revived forest spirits. Beauty, and more!

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There are several game modes in Arena: the usual duel and draft, where players take turns choosing one card from the available boosters, making up a deck of forty pieces. Also, the format of the sealed deck was transferred to the figure – that is, sealed. This format allows you to get acquainted with new cards and play in the tournament, collecting a deck of six available boosters. It’s a pity, of course, that there is no frivolous regimen like a Hearthstone brawl, but what to do

If you have never played the desktop version and decided to try Arena after some Hearthstone, you will have to get used to some of the nuances. For example, mana does not come by itself, but is obtained from lands played by hand – this is a special type of card. Only one can be posted per round. And each card, whether it is a creature or a spell, requires a certain amount of mana of the corresponding color. Forests give green, swamps black, islets blue, mountains red, and so on.

Magic The Gathering Arena

Also, from the desktop version, the enemy’s interruptions were moved. For example, in someone else’s round, you can spend the remaining mana on instant spells that, say, strengthen your fighters or cancel opponent’s buffs. The advantage of the system is that players retain partial control over the table, regardless of whose turn it is.
Suppose you are attacked by a monster with a single attack, but you decide not to block the blow (yes, here, unlike Hearthstone, you can choose who will take damage) to save your creatures for the next round. Then the enemy gives the attacking creature a powerful boost, but you have an ace up your sleeve – a spell that allows you to reflect damage to the attacker. So you protect yourself, and throw a pretty little trick to your opponent!

Features and Installation:

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1. Run setup.exe
2. Install the game
3. Register and confirm registration by mail
4. Launch the client and start the game.

Game Screenshots:

Magic: the Gathering Arena Magic: the Gathering Arena