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Half-Life Alyx [Update v 1.2 + DLC] (2020) RePack от xatab

Half-Life Alyx is a new game in a series that once became one of the favorite in the world, a first-person shooter, but not continuing the event

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Game Information:
Title: Half-Life: Alyx
Release Date: March 23, 2020
Genre: Action (Shooter), VR, 1st Person
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Interface language: Russian, English, Multi10
Voice Language: English
Tablet: Sewn (VREX)

Game System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 (3.4 GHz) / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2 GHz)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 8 GB
Free hard drive space: 63 GB

Game Description:
Half-Life Alyx is a new game in a series that once became one of the favorite in the world, a first-person shooter, but not continuing the event, but a prequel to the second episode

And the first thing to say is that this is no longer an ordinary first-person shooter, but a game for virtual reality glasses. Hence the huge number of pluses. Firstly, now you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and the universe in which the action takes place. And secondly, now you will see the world with your own eyes, not the same as it was in previous games, but more detailed. realistic and beautiful.

Game Information:

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As for the plot, so far it is only known that the events of Half-Life: Alyx take place shortly before the second episode and tell the story of a girl named Alix Vance, who has to start resistance together with her father, gather daredevils in one team and make enemies back off. And by the way, everything will happen in that same long-suffering city, called “City 17”.

The gameplay has not changed too much, but nevertheless, it underwent some changes due to the fact that new mechanics appeared, the process itself, and virtual reality improved. In general, everything will be reduced in the new game to classical processes for the genre: you will perform numerous tasks, complete missions, fight enemies, lead resistance along the road of confrontation, explore a huge city, collect key items, and much more.

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The most obvious is the Half-Life performance level : Alyx is significantly ahead of everything that currently exists in VR. The graphics do not look trimmed for 90 fps and high resolution in helmets – it runs on equal footing with other modern AAA. The plot is not a timid stub, but a full-fledged story with registered and richly painted characters. The gameplay is not techno-demo, but a carefully thought-out mechanic system.

VR changes the idea of ​​shooters because your hands, head and fingers become part of the game and give you unheard of naturalness in control. How to open the door? Find a special button on the keyboard? No, you need to reach out and pull the handle. How to aim from a weapon? Poke the right mouse button? No, you need to bring the sight to your eyes. How to recharge? Click R and wait for the animation? No, you need to throw out an empty store, get a new one, insert it into the weapon and turn the shutter with your own fingers. Few actions need clarification, you just take and do as you would in real life – that’s the coolness of control in VR.

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Alyx takes pleasure in using the naturalness of virtual reality: you can touch almost everything, and the number of details is so huge that you can examine each asset for a long time and with taste. The current games, with their sophisticated rendering technologies, are monstrously beautiful, but VR in Alyx gives everything so much volume that the jaw drops open and never returns.

In addition, I am more than sure that Alyx has an insane amount of nuances that we, ordinary players, will not even pay attention to – simply because they seem to us something obvious. But often painstaking work is hidden behind seemingly obvious things – we learn about it from presentations at the GDC or from discussions like Game Maker’s Toolkit. Did you know that ordinary staircases in early VR games sometimes led to seasickness? In Alyx , some tricky trick, invisible from the outside, is probably associated with them.

Feature and Install:

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Features repack:
– Based on the release of VREX
– Nothing is cut / Nothing is recoded
– Game archives not opened
– DLC:
Half-Life: Alyx – Index Preorder Items
– Installed Half-Life Alyx VR Update v1 2-VREX
– Version of the game v. 1.2
– Launch the game from the shortcut. (It contains the launch of the game)
– Installation time 15 minutes (Depends on the computer)
– Repack from xatab

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Game Screenshots:

Half-Life: AlyxHalf-Life: Alyx