FAP Titans

Fap Titans [v4.2] (Nutaku LTD) (2018) (18+) PC

Fap Titans – Clicker style browser game. The gamer will have to repulse the attack of the army of monsters, which are very attractive. Immediately after the start of the game

Fap Titans

Game Information:
Game Type: Browser Games
Developer: Hooligapps
Category / Genre: RPG
Release year: 2018
Language: Global
Type of payment: Free

Game Description:
Clicker style browser game. The gamer will have to repulse the attack of the army of monsters, which are very attractive. Immediately after the start of the game, you will be able to meet Akira Hitsuji, who will offer to be her ally and together confront the vulgar and powerful creatures. Only you can help a girl and save the world. Do not waste time, right now start playing after registering in the Fap Titans game on the official English and Russian Sites. Play 18+ Games

Game Information:

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The gameplay of the game is quite simple, all that is required of a gamer is just to constantly click on the left mouse button, thereby exterminating monsters. The faster you click, the more actively the standard of living of the enemy’s HP will decrease. Initially, you will need to independently engage in the extermination of monsters in order to collect some money. But, later, everyone will be able to find loyal allies, and pump their abilities. Naturally, the level of damage and life will gradually increase. Download Lineage 2 Torrent

To be more precise, from the beginning to the end of the game everything happens quite clearly – there are two main persons: a gamer and an opponent. You need to click on the enemy until he loses strength and dies. After that, be sure to pick up the gold that has fallen. A more powerful boss will follow immediately, and the time for his extermination will be clearly limited.

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Basically, it takes about 30 seconds to complete this task. It all depends on the player: either he will kill, or him. If it happened that you did not have enough time, then do not be discouraged. At any time, you can hone your skills on easier levels, and try your hand against weak bosses. Remember that you need to constantly improve experience, and try to earn as much gold as possible in order to maximize your characters.

Destroying enemies, you will have the opportunity to acquire new characters, and improve your skills using drop – gold that fell from the killed monster. In addition, you can earn Shards of memory and use them to open pictures, and if you try to get the Crystals, you can try to build a Guild. Crystals will be awarded immediately after reincarnation, or after the destruction of bosses who have a level above 100, the probability of such a bonus will be 25%. And after you can reach level 20, you can go to the “Tournament” section, in which you will get a lot of vivid emotions and unrivaled impressions.

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Fap Titans play online for free
During the gameplay, you will increase DPC and DPS. The first indicator shows the damage done in one click, and the second – for the damage in one second. Moreover, you can visit a store where you can buy all the necessary things, characters or gold. Start playing Fap Titans online for free right now and be sure that you won’t regret your choice.

A well-drawn interface is combined with the convenience of the game. You will quickly understand all the functions if you follow the initial tips, because you play Fap Titans in Russian. The colors are also well chosen, thanks to which there is a feeling of relaxation

Leveling Paths
Having dealt with the basics of gameplay, players will find several ways to upgrade, each of which is important and necessary.

Leveling up each time becomes more and more difficult and longer, so it will be useful for players to participate in the tournament to get more rewards Tournaments in the game are daily, that is, every day the progress is reset to zero, players receive rewards and all over again.

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As a reward, players will be given chests of three types, depending on who won what place 51-20 places – a silver chest with gold, jewelry, crystals. 20-4 places – with the same prizes, but larger. 1-3 places – a lot of awards.

But to advance through the players table you need to perform different actions – go through 10 levels, increase 25 levels of a heroine, pump a superhero into 5 levels, etc. Points are awarded for actions and so on.

The heroine in the game is a whole sea – each is different in ability and appearance. However, all of them are united by sexuality.

While pumping heroines, you also pump two indicators that determine the speed of killing monsters. DPC is the damage done with one click. DPS – damage done every second and automatically.

For killing bosses, you will receive chests from which gold, crystals or erotic cards fall. Such cards are placed in your collection and have categories. In the category of 5 cards, collecting which you will receive special cards as a reward.

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Feature and Install:

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What attracts players
Excellent graphic design that quickly cheers up;
Simple gameplay that even a child will understand;
Pleasant bonuses. While you are out of the game, money is dripping into your account. As soon as you go online, you can immediately collect them;
Conducting vibrant and intriguing tournaments on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Receive unique gifts for participating;
The ability to change the appearance of the main characters;
Daily replenishment of the account with crystals;
A fascinating and relaxing atmosphere;
The ability to purchase all the necessary items for quickly passing levels;
A fine drawing of each featured character;
The ability to play Fap Titans online for free;

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