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Europa Universalis IV [1.28.2 + 61 DLC] (2015/PC) RePack

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

Game Information:
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Grand strategy), 3D
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Game Version: 1.28.2
Edition type: RePack
Interface language: Russian / English
Voice Language: English
Crack: Enclosing

Game System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 4200+
Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 2600
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard drive space: 1 GB

Game Description:
One of the interesting strategies developed by Paradox Interactive Studio was Europa Universalis 4. The player in it becomes the head of a civilization that needs to be brought to world domination, while attention focuses on Europe in the era of discovery: the time period of the game is from 1492 to 1792.

In the course of the game, business and trade relations with neighbors are established, the general power and leadership of the army are carried out, and diplomatic negotiations are conducted. In addition, the so-called Monarch Power system is implemented in Europa Universalis 4 – the direct gameplay is associated with the personal qualities of the monarch. Entropia Download

Additional Information:

Additional Information Europa Universalis IV:

Make decisions. Building a state is quite flexible and allows you to choose the form of government, the structure of society, especially trade and military policy, and much more.
The possibilities offered to the player are almost endless.

Use your royal power. Try a new monarchical system, your choice will depend on the breadth of the mind of the ruler. Do you have a warlike king? Then it’s time to attack someone from the neighbors.

See how the story comes to life before your eyes. In the world of Europa Universalis IV you will meet with many historical figures, and thousands of historical events will create a unique atmosphere. Everything will depend on which side of state you take.

Game space – the whole world. Take more than three centuries of development of a single nation in the vast three-dimensional topographic map. Swipe through the thorns of history any of the 250 countries that existed at the time of the beginning of the game time period.

Europa Universalis IV

Test the new trading system. The trading system now has a new aspect inherent in large trading empires. Grab control of key ports to expand your trade and gain additional protection with a powerful fleet. In such circumstances, the wealth of the river will flow into your hands.

Use diplomatic skills. Europa Universalis IV will give you a well-implemented mechanics of diplomacy. Conclude coalitions, threaten opponents, get the right to base the fleet and support the rebels. Now the game has a new one-sided system of opinions. So, for example, some state may be hostile to you, and you can remain neutral to it.
Participate in multiplayer battles. Fight against other rulers in multiplayer mode, which supports up to 32 players.

Create your story and your game. Europa Universalis IV allows you to customize and modify almost everything that you can wish for.


DLC Europa Universalis IV:

Wealth of nations
Muslim Ships Unit Pack
Trade Nations Unit Pack
Wealth of Nations E-book
Songs of Yuletide
American dream
National monuments ii
Pre-Order Pack.
Call-to-arms pack
Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack
Conquest of Paradise
Conquistadors Unit pack
Native Americans Unit Pack
Songs of the New World
Native Americans II Unit Pack
Colonial British and French Unit pack
Muslim advisor portraits

Res publica
Anthology of Alternate History
Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack
Indian Ships Unit Pack
Republican Music Pack
Art of war
Catholic League Unit Pack
Evangelical Union Unit Pack
Guns, Drums and Steel Music Pack
Guns, Drums and Steel Volume 2 Music Pack
El Dorado Content Pack
El dorado

Europa Universalis IV

Women of History
Sounds from the community – Kairis Soundtrack;
1Common Sense Content Pack;
Common Sense E-Book;
Common Sense;
The Cossacks;
Cossacks Content Pack;
Sabaton Soundtrack;
Evangelical Majors Unit Pack;
Mare Nostrum;
Sounds from the community – Kairis Soundtrack Part II;
Mare Nostrum Content Pack;
Fredman’s Epistles;
Fredman’s Midsummer;

Art of War Ebook;
Rights of Man Content Pack;
The Songs of Regency music pack;
Evangelical Majors Unit Pack (Gift)
Rights of man
Mandate of Heaven
Mandate of Heaven Content Pack
Russian What If? Unit pack
Russian Borders Unit Pack
Russian Principalities Unit Pack
Third Rome
The rus awaken
Cradle of civilization
Cradle of Civilization Content Pack
Rule britannia
Dharma Content Pack
Dharma Expansion


Repack Europa Universalis IV:

simple installer;
updated DLS;
additional software: DirectX, DotNet, vcredist;
multiplayer assembly.

Game Screenshots:

Game Screenshots Europa Universalis IV:

Europa Universalis IV [1.28.2 + 61 DLC] (2015/PC/Русский), RePackEuropa Universalis IV [1.28.2 + 61 DLC] (2015/PC/Русский), RePackEuropa Universalis IV [1.28.2 + 61 DLC] (2015/PC/Русский), RePack