World of Warships [1.0.1v] (WarGaming) 2015

[site_reviews] Download World of Warships After successfully dominating the land and skies with World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, developer Wargaming set their sights on the open seas

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Game Information:
Game Release: 2015
Genre : Action, 3D, MMO, Online-only
Developer :
Publisher :
Publication type : license
Interface language : Russian
Voice language : Russian
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista /
7/8 Processor: 2.6 GHz or higher
Video card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb
Free space on hard disk: 20 GB

Game Description:
Download World of Warships is an MMO action game that allows you to plunge into the world of large-scale naval battles. Take control of the legendary warships of the first half of the twentieth century and conquer the vast ocean expanses. play best online tank games for free, World of Tanks best tank games.

Game Information:

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If you’re looking for a realistic simulation of naval combat, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. World of Warhips continues Wargaming’s tradition of translating the complex controls of a massive war machine to a simple keyboard and mouse layout. World of Warships doesn’t attempt to translate the intricacies of maneuvering a warship to 101 keys or less. Instead, its depth can be found in its cerebral, team-based combat.

The Warships in World of Warships are slow and ponderous, and weapons take forever to fire and even longer to reload. Players engage in cross-play long-range warfare with kilometers of empty space between them. A single millimeter can spell the difference between a direct hit and an expensive dud.

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With such little room for error, every movement and action must be deliberate and planned. Circling around a small island to put your ship in position for a straight flanking shot isn’t just effective, you get literally dozens of seconds to unleash hell on their exposed side before they can move away to safety.

But such moments of individual glory are few and far between. Instead, gameplay is much more defensive in Download World of Warships . There’s a greater focus on positioning and smart team coordination and map awareness. Each ship plays a vital role, whether it’s a scouting cruiser or a hard-hitting battleship. A good player can hit their target from 4 kilometers away about 50% of the time; a great player would have positioned themselves so they can fire without fear of retaliation.

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For a newcomer, though, this emphasis on teamwork might not be that obvious. At the lowest tier of play, players maneuver their ships without purpose or direction. Every shot is a lucky shot, and players often spend so much time focusing on what’s in front of them that they don’t realize they’ve isolated themselves from their allies. It’s both hilarious and frustrating.

Luckily, the core concepts of the game are simple enough for anyone to pick up and learn. After some time, you’ll progress past the lowest tiers. As your skills evolve, so will your expectations for positioning, communication, and coordination.

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Game Feature:

If unlocking every ship and reaching the highest Tiers of play don’t matter to you, that’s perfectly fine. Though the higher tiers offer prettier ships that pack a punch, gameplay at the lower tiers is still a whole lot of fun. Busting through a ship’s hull with a perfectly-placed volley gets your heart pumping no matter what Tier you play in, and excellent positioning and an understanding of team compositions will serve you well even if you aren’t rocking a premium ship.

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Is it historically accurate? Not at all. But World of Warships, like the Worlds of Tanks and Warplanes before it, makes for an absolute blast. It plays nothing like those two games, but still carries that Wargaming pedigree and attitude.

It also carries the same restrictive player progression system, though thankfully, it’s still a largely skill-based game. An unskilled player with a fat wallet may be able to unlock the higher tiers faster than your regular player, but they’ll still lose all their games until they improve in the game. When it comes to gameplay, Download World of Warships is entirely fair — they just value your time differently from that of a paying player. I’m not sure if that’s a great thing, either.

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With how great the visuals and ships are, especially in the higher tiers, it’s a shame that so much of the game is kept behind what is essentially a timelock. But if you aren’t looking for the latest shiny toy to add to your collection and just want a casual warship experience, nothing beats the dumb thrill of a mid-tier scuffle.

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