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World of Tanks [v1.7.2] (Wargaming) (Global Lang) PC

Download Free Tank Games World of Tanks is beautiful. It took me years to learn that. It actually took the very successful Mobile offshoot World of Tanks Blitz to get the Free to Play

Download Free Tank Games

Game Information:
Release year : 2012
Genre : Action, Tank, 3D, 3rd Person, Online-only
Developer :
Publisher :
Type of publication : license
Interface language : Multi (Global)
Voice Language : Multi (Global)
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Video Card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Hard disk space: 20 GB

Game Description:
Download Free Tank Games is beautiful. It took me years to learn that. It actually took the very successful Mobile offshoot World of Tanks Blitz to get the Free to Play mammoth from Wargaming back in my pocket. Then the jump from PC to Xbox 360 followed, then to Xbox One and now to Playstation 4. Best Tank Games Online

Game Information:

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In essence, the game has remained the same: a shooter that is easily accessible for the first few meters, which can offer a surprising depth of play if required and wants to win over militaria fans with impressive attention to detail. FIFa 20 Torrent

World of Tanks has many charms that can pull you into the game and keep you there. The biggest attraction for me is still the speed of World of Tanks . Or better: the lack of speed that distinguishes Download Free Tank Games compared to “normal shooters”. While the majority of the mainstream is developing more and more in the direction of higher game speeds, World of Tanks is thematically a somewhat “more leisurely” game.

That is part of it when the “heroes and characters” are not super soldiers in the exosuit, but tanks. For beginners at World of Tanks everything is sometimes a little bit slower, a little more methodical and well thought out.

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At least it can be, if you roll slowly through the terrain with a heavy tank and still have enough time to think before contact with the enemy whether the height that you will reach in 20 seconds is too steep for your own vehicle.

If you’ve decided to try to climb the hill at a handful of kilometers per hour, it can well happen that World of Tanks punishes you with a shot on the vulnerable underside by an opponent you can’t see. Warframe PC Online

What to do? Throw in reverse gear and hope that, in interaction with gravity, you will quickly take cover again? Or continue driving, sliding down the slope and hoping to get your opponent in sight faster than they fired their second shot?

Decisions for which you have more than five seconds of time in World of Tanks – time that you should use as much as possible: Because the longer the opponent needs to reload, the more damage he usually does.

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But that is only the basis of what you should keep in mind about the light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers or artillery. Even if there are times when it is not entirely clear why an actually safe hit does not land or cause damage, the game places relatively great importance on at least basic knowledge of tank tactics.

So positioning your tank becomes one of the most important factors to consider in battle. In principle, you are much less well protected at the back or on the sides than at the front. In addition, there are sometimes clear differences between the individual tank models, which differ from each other in armor, speed or weapon strength and range.

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World of Tanks forces you to pay more attention to your surroundings than is the case with some other shooters. In the best case scenario, you always have to know which direction an attack could come from, which paths are available on a map and, above all, you have to know which opponents you are dealing with.

Because World of Tanks is sometimes a little slower, every action in the game also becomes more important: every turn takes time, an unsafe shot leaves you defenseless until your crew could reload and every slope can be a deadly trap. Time and speed are important factors. And not because World of Tanks is a twitch shooter, but because it is not.

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However, all of this results for uninitiated players after a few rounds, also because Download Free Tank Games does a relatively good job of conveying the most basic information directly in the game. But that doesn’t change the fact that the game, if you want more than playing a round every now and then, requires an investment that shouldn’t be underestimated.

What exactly you invest, whether time or money, is up to you and if you can live without premium tanks, World of Tanks does not force you to take money in your hand. Even if it reminds you again and again how much faster and easier you would get if you were only a paying premium player.

But even if you put money in your hand, it doesn’t change the fact that it takes time to understand the systems that work under the hood of World of Tanks , because down to the basics, wargaming remains guilty or postpones an explanation for many mechanics them in the loading screens before the matches or the wikis and FAQs of the Internet.

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Without a doubt, World of Tanks can also be fun if you largely ignore additional items, tank crews or ammunition types, but if you want to get through the game, you have to train yourself, because World of Tanks does not take you by the hand . As a rule, the players you will meet in most matches do not. If you’re not playing in a group, most of the contacts with the other players are fleeting because the whole game flow of Download Free Tank Games is built around individual progress.

Feature and Install:

How to install Download Free Tank Games ?

1; First time make your account
2; Download Setup and Start Installation
3; Please Verifed Account For Your E-Mail
4; Good Luck ! You Now Can Play!


quick start
tactical depth on request
new shooter feel


superficial introductions for beginners
Progress is becoming more and more time-consuming

Final thoughts

Even though World of Tanks can no longer hide the fact that it is a free-to-play game that would like to have more paying players halfway through the research trees, getting started is relatively easy. It leaves it up to you whether you want to see some of the tactical depth it has to offer, but then it demands a lot of your time. But if you want to play a different kind of shooter, then the investment is worth it.

Game Screenshots:

Мир Танков / World of Tanks [v.] (2018) PC | Online-onlyМир Танков / World of Tanks [v.] (2018) PC | Online-only