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Cuisine Royale (v1.3.1) (Gaijin Distribution KFT) (Eng+Rus) PC

Download Cuisine Royale is a new shooter in the popular Battle Royale genre, with the most complete arsenal of military kitchen utensils and the most honest lootbox system

Cuisine Royale

Game Information:
Release Year : 2018
Genre : Shooter, MMO, Action, 3rd person, Adventure
Developer : Darkflow Software
Publisher : Gaijin Distribution KFT
Type of publication : license
Interface language : Russian only
Voice Language : Russian
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements:
Operating System: Win 7, 8, 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 and higher
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 560, AMD Radeon 77XX and higher
Memory: 8 GB and above
Hard Drive: 6 GB

Game Description:
Download Cuisine Royale is a new shooter in the popular Battle Royale genre, with the most complete arsenal of military kitchen utensils and the most honest lootbox system! Appeared as an April Fools’ joke from the developers of the detached MMO shooter Enlisted, Cuisine Royale instantly won the hearts of players and now has become an independent game. Play Free Warframe

Game Information:

Download Cuisine Royale

Gaijin Entertainment once again joked – this time an experiment was put on Enlisted, the still unreleased network action movie

It introduced a royal battle mode called Download Cuisine Royale where players fought each other with kitchen utensils and other improvised items – a logical development for the April Fools’ theme of the deadly frying pan from PUBG . The audience appreciated the joke, and soon the developers announced that Cuisine Royale would become an independent game. On December 12 of last year, a full-fledged release took place – it’s time to take a look at what this royal battle represents. Crossout Torrent Download

The genre requires the ability not only to shoot accurately, but also to make non-trivial tactical decisions, and victory brings indescribable emotions (to be the best among several dozen players is worth a lot) – that is probably why royal battles are so popular now.

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The pan, which has become one of the symbols of PUBG , is nothing in the Download Cuisine Royale A colander can play the role of a helmet, saucepans become shoulders, and a cast-iron waffle iron covers the back. Of particular Download Cuisine Royale is the fact that each character begins the match in one underwear. As a result, the shootings look like a party in the house of the mentally ill: ringing utensils, madmen dressed in very strange outfits try to kill each other, using a very serious weapon.

The matter is not limited to cooking tools – you can choose a dropper that restores health points, or a luminous halo that reduces the damage from the forces of Darkness (as the narrowing zone is called here), and special rabbit slippers allow you to jump high and block damage when falling from a high height.

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That’s the most for the April Fool’s joke, which this royal battle was originally from, but these purely cosmetic gags are clearly not enough to constantly maintain the desired degree of fun. After some time, the humorous mood disappears, you no longer look at the external absurdity of the heroes, but at the effects that the equipment gives. In general, the Download Cuisine Royale here is quite standard for the genre, and there are no more truly funny moments than in any other

On the other hand, the Cuisine Royale cannot be called the most ordinary royal battle either – there are also unique features that affect the gameplay. By killing the enemy, you get not only the loot dropped from it, but also a certain number of sinners’ souls, which can be used in several ways at once. The Sims 4 Free Download

Cuisine Royale For Free

The first is the use of a special skill unique to each of the four available characters. For example, the beauty Annie can slow down time (a rather unusual skill for a network shooter, but it works adequately here), and Clyde turns into a beast, deadly in close combat.

The second opportunity to spend a supply of souls with benefit is the magical seals necessary to create traps and conduct rituals.


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Download Cuisine Royale Rituals are even more interesting: they cost a lot, but the effect of them affects all players on the map Brown Note” turns every street toilet into a teleportation booth, Download Cuisine Royale doubles the speed of running, but probably the most fun was the ritual of the zombie apocalypse – the survivors are attacked by crowds of the dead, while the sly invader zombie sits somewhere in a secluded place. You can take no more than three seals into battle, and it’s far from the fact that each player will have time to use at least one of them – souls still need to be accumulated, which is not so simple.

The choice of seals for a future battle is not the only opportunity to customize your character. In the workshop, for the game currency and pumping points, you can buy both purely cosmetic improvements that allow you to stand out on the battlefield, as well as valuable items – for example, a mask, the owner of which receives several souls of sinners at each meal (and you will often have to, given that this is the main way to replenish health points).

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However, most of the players flaunt almost what the mother gave birth to (you didn’t forget that at the start each participant of the match appears almost without clothes?) – this is apparently due to the aggressive policy of monetizing the game.

To get access to many items in the workshop will not work without the purchase of a “book of stories” – and its cost is comparable to the average price of most modern games.

The same book will be needed to unlock premium tests, without which it is much more difficult to accumulate experience and money – pumping slows down, which is why it is not easy to get even to things purchased with game currency. Is it too much for an April Fools’ joke?

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Features and Install:

Dining utensils will reach their full potential! – A colander, put on your head in time, can save you from a fatal blow. From a huge wok pan, you’ll get a great chest armor. And even the largest caliber will not break a heavy waffle iron.

Download Cuisine Royale Improve the characteristics of your character right in battle! – A dropper will provide accelerated health regeneration, glasses will eliminate myopia and increase accuracy, and a huge cigar will make the character so cool that he can withstand twice as much damage from enemy attacks.

Exciting large-scale battles – 30 players will appear in different corners of the map and move to the center of a constantly shrinking location, where the main battle will take place with the participation of the most powerful, lucky and inventive players.

The most fashionable and beautiful underpants! It is not joke! Try on what you like best – and good luck in battle!

1. Run setup
2. Select the installation folder
3. Register and confirm registration
4. Launch the game from the desktop shortcut

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