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Crossout [0.11.20] (Gaijin Entertainment) (Eng+Rus) 2017 PC

Download Crossout post-apocalyptic MMO action in which you can assemble a unique design armored car from dozens of parts, and then fight on it in hot multiplayer battles


Game Information:
Release Year : 2017
Genre : Action, MMORPG, Simulator
Developer : Targem games
Publisher : Gaijin Entertainment
Type of publication : license
Interface language : Russian
Voice Language : Russian
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Operating System: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
Processor: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo E8500 or AMD Phenom ™ II X3 720
Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 440 or AMD ™ Radeon ™ HD 5670 or Intel® HD Graphics 5000
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Drive: 3 GB

Game Description:
Crossout post-apocalyptic MMO action in which you can assemble a unique design armored car from dozens of parts, and then fight on it in hot multiplayer battles. In PvE missions Crossout players have to show what they are capable of in a battle with opponents controlled by treacherous artificial intelligence. Experienced players can also create their own steel monsters, Leviathans, and send them to battle with other users in special PvE missions. Download Free Tank Games

Game Information:

Download Crossout

Download Crossout It all starts in 2047, when the Earth was shrouded in a virus that infected most of humanity. There was no vaccine, nor was there an understanding of where this virus was formed and how it spread among the population. Download Crossout It would seem that the standard scenario, Download Crossout everyone will die and turn into zombies. Here is an unexpected turn – the virus is nothing but the work of aliens. No matter how absurd it may sound, this is true. And children from other planets conducted experiments over 2 thousand years on human DNA, apparently something went wrong. Download Crossout The purpose of the experiments was to create killer soldiers, but the result is on the face, the planet is devastated, and unearthly creatures nervously smoke on the sidelines.

After the epidemic began, not much time passed, but there was practically no humanity left, all the weak died out. But this failure of alien experimenters not only killed, but turned people from a white race to a dark-skinned one, some could please others with glowing eyes, others lost their minds at all (they started to kill). Megacities are devastated, the main transport is converted cars with guns all over the body. If you want to live, and not so sticky. And this is just the beginning. Play free World of Warships

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After the background, the player enters the hangar, where an old rusty bucket is waiting for him (in other words, this car cannot be described), but it has a cannon on the roof, Download Crossout you can shoot. Do not worry, everyone will have such cars in the beginning, over time they can be changed or improved, at your discretion. Then go through training and go to your first battle.

The guys from the studio tried to pick you everything up, from the beginning of the game to the end. The strong men on wheels will be of equal power, which means that everything will depend on the skills of the gamer. To spare the nerves of the newcomers, it was decided to first send the guys to the bots, Download Crossout they are dumber than ordinary players and sometimes behave predictably. And this is experience and you can earn money to improve your war horse. That’s when the freebie passes and you have to play with the guys smarter, the hands fog up and you run to improve your car.

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In order for this rusty piece of metal to become a doll, it is necessary to plow it, collect housing parts and accessories for it. From these snares, armor, protection, weapons and many other vital details of the hull are created. Download Crossout You are limited only by your imagination, master as you want, but wisely. The damage system is missing here, the part that has worn out simply falls off the case. Download Free War Thunder

There are 4 fractions in total, but before joining, you will have to marinate 10 levels in the Mechanics camp. With a fraction, it will be much easier to get vital details. Pass levels, mow enemies and get the coveted points of improvement. Reached a new level – get sets of parts, Download Crossout and design whatever your heart desires. So, as previously mentioned, there are four fractions: Mad, Wanderers, Steppe and Scavengers. Naturally, each has its pros and cons. The player will not be able to create his faction, so you have to rely on your choice.

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Fractions are not only unique in names, but also in the set of parts, those who seek will always find a clan to their liking.

Details are not all that can be opened. To all of the above, there are also drawings of fractional cars. Such a life hack was invented for children with a high coefficient of laziness (if it is inadvisable to assemble your own car, use a ready-made drawing). Although, on the other hand, when you create something with your own hands and thoughts, the process of playing and other things becomes much more attractive and ordinary. You can design such a colossus that everyone will envy you, and even copy it. And so you will turn from a simple player into an extraordinary designer.

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Features and Installation:
  • -Unique cars created by the players themselves from accessible parts – from maneuverable buggies to heavy tracked all-terrain vehicles and combat platforms on an anti-gravity basis;
  • -Full creative freedom and thousands of possible combinations. You can assemble a car of any shape using hundreds of parts, varieties of armor, weapons and auxiliary systems;
  • -Advanced damage model: you can shoot at an enemy machine any part, and this will immediately affect its combat effectiveness;
  • -A huge selection of weapons: from chainsaws, drills and machine guns to multiple launch rocket launchers, flying drones and invisibility generators;
  • -Own workshop: create new advanced parts and sell them at the in-game auction;
  • -Trade between players: everything that you obtained in battle or gathered in the workshop can be sold at auction to other players;
  • -Freedom of tactics and strategy in battle. The main thing is to win and stay alive!

1. Go Down and Click Download Games
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4. Click Install and Waiting for Download
5. Enter Game!

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