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World of Tanks [v1.7.1] (Wargaming) (ENG+RUS) PC

Download Best Tank Games – a client-side massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of World War II

World of Tanks

Game Information:
Release year : 2012
Genre : Action, Tank, 3D, 3rd Person, Online-only
Developer :
Publisher :
Type of publication : license
Interface language : Multi (Global)
Voice Language : Multi (Global)
Tabletka : Not required
Version :

Game System Requirements :
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Video Card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
Hard disk space: 20 GB

Game Description:
World of Tanks (Russian: World of Tanks) – a client-side massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of World War II, developed by the Belarusian studio Wargaming World of Warships Free Download

Game Information:

Download Best Tank Games

Large-scale update 1.0 began a reboot of World of Tanks . The new graphics engine Core covered everything with high-resolution textures and brought modern visual effects, new maps were added to the game, old ones were redrawn, and a fresh atmospheric soundtrack was recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The world-famous game has once again become a little better. Resident Evil 3 Remake Torrent Download

But in 2010, the very first version of the “tanks” received from Download Best Tank Games – only 7.5 – then the author Ilya Yanovich scolded the developers for bugs, weak destructibility and lack of interaction with the world. But he ended up like this: “Still, there really is no longer any sane modern game about tanks in the world, and perhaps in six months or a year, with the release of some large-scale addition, we will write about World of Tanks once again, and that will be completely another game.

Well, it was not six months or even a year, but eight whole years – World of Tanks is really a completely different game. The time has come for a new review – and a big update, perhaps, is a good reason to write it all the same.

Download Best Tank Games

The user who first launched WoT will understand the reason for its popularity in just half an hour A low entry threshold is one of the first advantages of the game: training takes a few minutes, and the pleasure of driving a tank and battle can be obtained from the first batch. Literally after a few game sessions, the newcomer already wins the first victory, Download Best Tank Games and the victory in World of Tanks, given the fascination of the process and the frequent unpredictability of the ending, is always a small celebration.

And if the player enters the target audience and is at least somewhat interested in military equipment, the variety of armored beasts will immediately blow him away. Nine countries, five classes of cars, a bunch of affordable models – and, of course, premium handsome men purchased for in-game money (by the way, the most enthusiastic players seriously give them to each other for birthdays).

And, most importantly, all tanks and self-propelled guns are different . Yes, you can find cars with similar indicators, but each of them stands out at least in some ways. Choosing the perfect tank for your playing style is a pleasure.

Free PC Tank Games

The class radically changes the feeling of the battle. Heavy vehicles push through the enemy’s defenses, medium vehicles conduct maneuverable combat, light vehicles conduct reconnaissance, adjust allied artillery fire and cut down someone else’s root. Anti-tank self-propelled guns arrange duels at long distances.

Download Best Tank Games And for self-propelled guns, a game is provided in the game: in most cases they fight in the greatest distance, and the camera hangs at a bird’s flight, revealing the whole map to the eye. Experienced players who can calculate the projectile’s flight time and victim’s speed can hit even moving targets. The game as an artilleryman is an unambiguous success of the developers: this mechanic brings even more variety to the tank collision.

But these are only the most common words, and the methods of playing each of the classes are very relative. And here we come to another strong point of World of Tanks.

2020 Best Tank Games

Dozens of tactics and tricks can be tested and successfully applied to any of the machines or cards and in each particular game. Just rushing forward in the hope of filling up the enemy alone and getting all possible medals is useless: in World of Tanks, each session requires planning and ingenuity.

Heavy tanks can gather in a “steel fist”: it’s very difficult to stop five to six vehicles going to attack side to side. In the middle, you can navigate through pre-designated firing points, firing off careless ones. Fighting in a light tank is capable of presenting a real storm of adrenaline if you break through at high speed to the enemy’s base, marking his equipment as targets for comrades and dispersing clumsy artillery.

Can ambush, guessing exactly where the prudent enemy will try to slip.

Tanks You can walk along unhandled paths from the flank and please the enemy with a shell in the side armor.

You can find a reliable shelter among the ruins and shoot, putting the barrel of the gun in a small window

Download PC Tank Games

The game looked good before the update, but with the switch to Core it definitely became the most technologically advanced in the genre.

If in childhood you instead of racing cars fiddled with military-themed toys, then the local tanks will captivate you instantly: real dents and scuffs of paint, emblems, drawings and camouflage By rotating the camera in the hangar, you can accidentally fall into a blissful trance.

Features and Installation:

Free Download Best Tank Games

  • Furious 15-vs-15 Battles in Legendary Tanks
  • Over 500 War Vehicles are Ready to Roll Out
  • 150 Million Players Worldwide
  • All Tanks and Updates

Your car is not just an armored tracked weapon. This is a living, constantly evolving creature that needs to be grown and strengthened.

The experience and credits earned in battles will allow you to research and buy more advanced elements for your “war horse”, thereby improving its initial characteristics.

Unique tank models, recreated to the smallest detail based on real prototypes, allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tank battles of the Second World War. All improvements for tanks are available in strict accordance with historical realities.

Command operations to detect and eliminate enemy tanks, as well as sudden collisions with the enemy, will require you to have a lightning reaction and quick, effective action.

A moving camera can turn a game from a third-person action into a full-fledged shooter, allowing you to destroy enemies in both normal and sniper mode.

In the “World of Tanks” there is a simple rule: do not act thoughtlessly. Proper role allocation and effective joint action planning are key to overall success.

1. Run setup and install the game in a directory convenient for you.
2. After installation, in the window that opens, create a Wargaming account and confirm the registration by mail.
3. Launch the game shortcut on the desktop and you can start playing.

If necessary, you can install Wargaming Game Center (located in the game folder). In the game center menu, select World of Tanks and indicate the directory where you installed the game.

Game Screenshots:

World of Tanks World of Tanks