Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars [v2.0] (Nutaku LTD) (2020) (18+) PC

Cunt Wars is an erotic game designed strictly for people who have passed the 18-year mark (everyone else must make sure that no one sees them)

Cunt Wars

Game Information:
Release Year : 2020
Release Date : 2020/02/12
Genre : Card Battle RPG, Strategy, Online, Bondage, Oral, Anal, All sex,
Censorship : None
Developer / Publisher : nutaku
Platform : APK
Type of publication : Original (licensed)
Tabletka : Present
Version : 1.52
Game language (plot) : English, Russia, and More
Language : English, Russia and More
Voice Language : English, Russia and More

Games Description:
Cunt Wars is an erotic game designed strictly for people who have passed the 18-year mark (everyone else must make sure that no one sees them). The project is a turn-based tactical RPG with hentai elements, or vice versa, who likes what more. An anime style of graphics, a serious strategic component of the gameplay (who would have thought) and the mass of young ladies with very outstanding “talents” and lack of morality will certainly please everyone without exception. The game differs from others in a very good rendering and a huge number of characters. You definitely won’t be bored! Free Entropia Universe Games

Game Information:

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Computer games for adults are increasingly gaining popularity in the vast game resources. They allow you to spend fun leisure time, escape from daily worries and problems, and plunge into another, sweet world of fantasies. Cunt Wars is a project that focuses on an adult audience, for people aged 18+.

The game Cunt Wars was created in the genre of anime strategy, and is endowed with elements of hentai. Despite the fact that the game is designed in the style of anime, which many do not take seriously, the strategic component is recreated here at a very impressive level. Exciting missions, difficult decisions and responsible choices await users, and those who can show their courage and reach the end will be pleasantly rewarded with sweet prizes. Kunt Wars will make you relax and enjoy the sea of ​​pleasure.

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Opponents of the player will be the minions of evil, who seized the kingdom in their possession. The user’s task is to enter the warpath with them in order to again become the full owner of the castle. A rich plot combines many events and incidents. Characters of Cunt Wars sex games are waiting for a tough war, beauty and love, huge wealth, adventure, and much more. In the game Cunt Wars 18 +, the gamer will have to manage a small army consisting of magnificent, sexy beauties combining elements of people and mythical creatures. Each time you achieve success, moving around the game space, you will find a sweet reward.

Everyone can play online in Cunt Wars by installing it on their PC. In the project, developers also introduced some elements of card games.

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The step-by-step order of fights provides for the user to carefully think through strategies and further actions. It is important to protect all the rear so that at the most inopportune moment, the opponents do not inflict a serious blow on your soldiers. Upgrade is a great opportunity to take care of your heroes in advance. Download Free War Thunder

Cunt Wars official website offers everyone who has already reached the mark at the age of 18 to test their strength and capabilities in a strategy game with an erotic bias. In order to unlock your heroes, and go with them to exciting and dangerous adventures, it is enough to use the official site, perform simple registration and pumping actions. You can earn money by controlling your erotic warriors.

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What are the features of the porn game Cunt Wars
If you compare the computer game Cunt Wars in Russian with other games for adults, this project has several advantages. In addition to the original plot and strategic component, Cunt Wars on PC attracts users with the following features:

  • Anime graphics with excellent hand-drawn style, clear detail.
  • Cards are presented in a wide assortment, there are several dozen of them.
  • Heroes are endowed with a variety of skills, each of which will be useful in battles.
  • The character will visit different kingdoms, meet with different bosses.
  • Different mechanics are combined.
  • In Cunt Wars, users will play in multiplayer mode.
  • Cunt Wars 18 games are endowed with simple navigation and intuitive interface.

Starting the passage of this game, users should pay enough attention to replenishing the collection of cards, to improve and modernize them. It is also important to timely improve the skills of your character, engage in his pumping, and engage in battles with opponents.

For those who want to plunge into a serious, but at the same time, very erotic, game project, just download the game Cunt Wars website that offers everyone. In Cunt Wars, you can play for free at any convenient time by turning on the online multiplayer mode.

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Game Screenshots:

It allows you to:
1. Auto
2. Additional +15 crystals, every time you get a reward in crystals
3. Extra gold (+1000) – when you receive a gold reward.
4. Immediately start the opening of victory chests in the PVP – Attention! There is no need to open the chests if the process of opening the chest is in progress – otherwise the crystals will be written off from you.
5. The cost of raising the bitches – -20%
6. x2 reward from the guild.
7. Bonus Reward and More
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