Bus Driver Simulator 2019

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Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Take flights around the city and its suburbs, clearly following the schedule. Earn money by successfully driving passengers and without violating the rules of the road

Bus Driver Simulator 2019

Game Information:
Title: Bus Driver Simulator 2019
Release Date: December 4, 2019
Genre: Simulattion
Developer: KishMish Games
Publisher: KishMish Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: RePack
Interface language: Russian, English, Multi13
Voice Language: Russian, English, Multi13
Tablet: Sewn (PLAZA)

Game System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.9ghz Intel i5-equivalent processor or higher
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or similar AMD Radeon (no support for onboard cards)
Free hard drive space: 3.01 GB

Game Description:
Take flights around the city and its suburbs, clearly following the schedule. Earn money by successfully driving passengers and without violating the rules of the road. Go through scenarios with predefined conditions or build your own career in Free mode. World of Warships Free Download

Choose the routes of your choice to travel to those parts of the city that interest you. It doesn’t matter if you like fast delivery of passengers or a leisurely relaxed ride. If you are not satisfied with the schedule, change it to your own style of play. Save money, buy new buses and pump them. Design the appearance of the bus and equip it for yourself. Different decorative elements for each bus will please the eye.

Game Information:

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Everyone has their own tastes for games. Someone knocks out the brains of the Martian demons from a sawn-off shotgun, someone pumps elven warriors, someone rules star empires, builds combat robots or goes on dates with kawaii schoolgirls. But there is a completely separate category of gamers who prefer extremely realistic to horned aliens and thin-legged elves. While the layman quietly swings his finger at the temple, simulator fans download real-world weather data over the English Channel to authentically fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator , turn off electronic assistants to feel every skid on the track in Gran Turismo , and get record milkings in the next Farming Simulator . Simulator Serpukhov minibus from RussianKishMish Games – just for such enthusiasts. 112 Operator Game Torrent

Laconic training here is hidden in the script menu. So the newcomer, who launched the game and immediately got into career mode, is unlikely to even be able to move on the first try. Here you do not need Need for Speed : first you need to hold the R key to start the engine, then remove the bus from the parking brake, and only after that the capricious colony will agree to go. Well at least fuss with the clutch and manual gear shift made optional. Having figured out the controls, we finally go out onto the route and dive headlong into the driver’s everyday life.

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Torrent PC Download

Everyday life, I must say, is very monotonous – apparently, also a tribute to realism. We crawl quietly around Serpukhov, who’s almost real in the Moscow region, we take typical Serpukhovites: some hard workers in robes and helmets, worn-out bearded bikers, doctors as if just from the operating room, but for some reason in sunglasses … But what do we see? We would go in plus by the end of the day

The system is elementary. One passenger is 32 conditional rubles. They jumped into the red light – a fine of 100 rubles, didn’t file a bus at the right time – 150, crashed into someone – all 200. Departure to the oncoming traffic and other minor violations, for which you can lose your rights in real life, the game generously forgives. You can earn a couple of thousand for the flight, and the proceeds go to gasoline, tuning and new buses. The cheapest clunker costs five, and the most expensive – twenty eight. That’s the whole economy. In principle, the only thing that somehow keeps the player in a completely aimless career mode is the collector’s instinct.

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Feature and Install:

How to download and install Bus Driver Simulator 2019 ?

1; First time download from WPCGames
2; Click Installation and Wait few min
3; Game is Ready now you can Enter!

Game Features:
• The game is set in real cities (Serpukhov, Moscow Region and Cologne, Germany). We shot a significant part of the city and its suburbs in order to transfer buildings and streets to the game as close as possible to the present. The virtual city is written off from the real as detailed as possible, in all details. Buildings, stops and other facilities are located in their places.

• Fleet for every taste. A unique chance to ride buses of different eras and different countries. Both old Soviet city buses and modern European intercity giants will be available to you.

• Driver’s life – not just on routes. Do not forget from time to time to fill up fuel at gas stations so that you do not have to call a tow truck during the route. Also, be prepared to spend a considerable part of your time in one of the four garages where you can improve your transport and relax.

• Change of time of day. The game implements realistic traffic and simulates passenger traffic depending on the time of day. Take people to work in the morning, when there are traffic jams on the roads, during the day when there are noticeably fewer passengers and cars on the road, or late in the evening when the streets are empty and lanterns illuminate the road.

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Features repack:
– Based on the release of PLAZA
– Nothing is cut / Nothing is recoded
– Game Version – 5.9
– Additions:
1; Bus Driver Simulator 2019 – Hungarian Legend
2; Bus Driver Simulator – Soviet Legend
3; Bus Driver Simulator – European Minibus
4; Bus Driver Simulator 2019 – Old Legend
5; Bus Driver Simulator 2019 – Tourist
6; Bus Driver Simulator 2019 – Modern City Bus
– The parameter is registered in the label.
– Installation time 30 seconds (Depends on the computer)
»Repack from xatab
Saves are in the game folder in the “Saves” folder

Game Version : Updated to version 5.9. Updated 04.27.2020

Game Screenshots:

Bus Driver Simulator 2019Bus Driver Simulator 2019